Sunday, July 10, 2011

One week in Office! Your Epsilon Officer's

Wow! It has been one week since the new slate of state officer's begin the 2011-2013 biennium. We have been busy! Transitions meeting was held earlier than usual and was a huge success. Approximately 85 Epsilon state members converged on the Pineville Convention Center for June 18 where goals and objectives were discussed and designed for the coming biennium.  The goals are submitted by the committee chair and uploaded to the state website. Please take a moment and look at the goals of these committees and be ready to ACCEPT any requests or commitments that may be asked of you or your chapter. Executive Committee worked extensively in setting goals for the biennium in which we will serve our state.  What a great team of ladies representing our state society. Thank you Epsilon state for your support of the officer's. SIGNING OFF: As time quickly approaches to depart for Louisville, I know that being able to share with you the daily activities in which the state officer's will be involved may not be possible. However, I will share with you an overview of the week when I return on July 17. Until then have a safe and relaxing summer. Donnis

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