Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Transfer members: Do you know?

Many chapters will have members who are transferring or reinstating during the coming year. A question that is asked by some is "Do we have to vote on this member"? No. Members are voted on one time - initiation. Transfer forms may be found on the DKG website at dkg.org. Sending and receiving chapter president, chapter treasurer, transfer member, and state treasurer receive a copy of the Official Notice of Transfer Form.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Executive Committee Series Part 7: Who is the Deltion Editor?

Wanda Lemoine, The Louisiana Deltion editor
Wanda lives in Campti which is close to her original roots of Goldonna  - a Louisiana girl all the way!  She has one son Michael who is 21years old and currently employed in Memphis as a tugboat deckhand. Her mom lives with them, and they take care of each other. There are days her Mom cooks supper for them and days when Wanda cooks. She said Michael is trying to learn to cook which can be fun to watch.

Wanda says, “Michael is my reason for achieving what I have and my inspiration for being the best that I can be.” When Michael was about four, she went back to college and chose education so she could match her time with being with him. Since making that decision she at no
time thought choosing to become an educator was a mistake. She loves teaching and her students seem to love her.  

Wanda graduated from Northwestern State with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education degree. She earned an additional degree in Master of Science in Educational Technology.  She is currently working on her plus 30.  She also attends leadership and other workshops to help her both in her personal and professional life.  A goal she would like to achieve is getting her doctorate in education.

She began her teaching career in Desoto Parish as a business teacher at All Saints High School for eight years.  One of her favorite parts of that position was being in charge of a successful printing business at local high school.  They published and printed monthly newsletters, monthly bulletins for two local churches, and quarterly brochures for local businesses. They bound booklets for local high school, made yearly calendars and greeting cards, and designed the school website. 

In 2005, she started teaching the work skills portion of the Option 3 program at the Educational Center in Red River Parish. She is still in Red River Parish, but since Options has been phased out at the state level, she is now teaching the GED part of the new Connections program, while still making sure her students receive work skill training and certification.

She has served on several committees at chapter and/or state levels including Communications, Nominations, Heritage Task Force, and First Timers. She also serves ex-officio on several state committees.  Wanda has held position of The Louisiana Deltion editor since 2007. She has been instrumental in putting the Deltion on the state website. Her latest project is trying to save the State more money by sending more Deltions by email. Besides her chapter meetings, she has attended meetings and district, state, and regional levels.   Wanda is a member of the Bea Davis Class of 2011.

Her interest when not doing school work and/or Delta Kappa Gamma work or taking care of family is reading. She loves to read a variety of types of books.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Executive Committee Series Part 6: Who is the Parliamentary Advisor?

Peggy is a native New Orleanian who has lived at Lake Rosemound in St. Francisville for the past 20 years with her husband, Ronnie, and their three Cavalier King Charles Spaniel children.  Ronnie and Peggy, married for 43 years, have one human daughter, Kelly.  She is a former resident of Baton Rouge and a member of Beta Tau Chapter. 

Peggy holds a bachelors degree in Spanish, speech, social studies education and certification in English as a second language and supervision of student teachers.  Her masters is in cultural anthropology, and her MA+30 is in Curriculum and Instruction/Social Education.  She taught social studies and Spanish at Zachary High School for 16 years and also served as activities coordinator.  In 1989, she was named ZHS Teacher of the Year.  During a two-year sabbatical, she was the full-time economic education consultant for the LSU Dept. of Economics.  After 7 years of teaching Spanish and social studies at West Feliciana High School, she retired from full-time teaching due to health issues. She was West Feliciana Parish Teacher of the Year in 1998.  Following her retirement in June 2000, she reported to work in August as Director of Religious Education at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church in St. Francisville, where she remained until 2006.  Since that time, she has taught private Spanish classes, and currently works as an assessment administrator for Westat (the firm that conducts US Dept. of Education field studies), and will be teaching two sessions of Spanish for LSU's OLLI program this fall.

Peggy was initiated into DKG in 1985.  She served Beta Tau in many capacities -- president, secretary, newsletter editor and on various committees over the past 26 years.  She was appointed Deltion editor in 1995, a position she held until her election as Epsilon State First Vic-presient in 2001.  From 2003-2005, she served as Epsilon State president.  Peggy has also served on several International committees, including Communication, Educators Award, Travel and Study, and was the SE Representative to the US Forum before serving as chairman of the US Forum from 2008-20010.  She was appointed chairman of the International Program Committee in 2010, a position she resigned due to personal reasons.  She has presented numerous workshops at local, state, regional and International meetings, and was a keynote speaker at the SE Regional Conference in Williamsburg, VA.  

Volunteer work is Peggy's main hobby!  She has been a volunteer for Phi Mu Fraternity since her graduation in 1971 from LSU.  She served on Phi Mu's National Council for 6 years and is currently National Ritual Chairman, a position she has held for over 9 years.  This summer she was invited to facilitate the Undergraduate Inter-fraternity Conference at Indiana University.  She also volunteers with her local library support group,  LA Organ donation groups, and other organizations.  Other hobbies include traveling, playing with her pups, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Executive Committee Series: Part 5 Who is the Epsilon Recording Secretary!

Kathye Blackburn
Recording Secretary

Married to Harry Blackburn for 40 years (we were high school sweethearts)
Two grown children-Jenny, Pharmacist with Brookshire’s and Clay, Supervisor with Coca Cola
One daughter-in-law-Delyla, office manage for eye surgeon
One soon to be new son-in-law  Scott (He and Jenny are getting married on the beach in September.)
Two grandchildren-twins Kyleigh and Kaleb  (these are Jenny’s children) who will soon be 7 and just entered first grade.

My bachelor’s and master’s degrees were earned from LA Tech University in Ruston. Go Bulldogs!

This will be my 41st year in the teaching profession.  I taught business subjects for 34 years at Airline High School in Bossier City and now am starting my seventh year at the Bossier Parish Technical School where I have the Cooperative Office Education program.
When I started teaching, I never dreamed I would teach this long, but it seems like it was just yesterday when I met my first class of freshmen at AHS.  I have loved every subject I have taught and enjoyed working with the cheerleaders for 30 years at Airline.  I had one National Champion squad and many who were ranked in the top of their category for many of those years.  It was great fun.

I had the honor of being chosen teacher of the year at Airline two different times in my teaching career and became the high school parish teacher of the year in 1986.

Since becoming a member of Delta Kappa Gamma I have served as President of Alpha Rho chapter, Chairman of the Caddo-Bossier Coordinating Council, NW District Director, Epsilon State Nominations Committee Chairman, Epsilon State Professional Affairs Chairman, and now State Recording Secretary. I have attended 8 Epsilon State Conventions, 4 Southeast Regional Conferences and 3 International Conventions since 2004.  I attended the Bea Davis Leadership Seminar-Class of 2007, was chosen as NW Rose in Bloom in 2009, and was co-chairman for the Epsilon State Convention in 2010.  I have assisted and presented workshops on the state, regional, and international levels for Delta Kappa Gamma.

Harry and I are members of Cypress Baptist Church in Benton, LA.

My free time is spent mostly with my grandchildren—playing board games, reading to them, listening to them read, watching them swimming on the country club swim team, going to baseball, basketball, and football games to see Kaleb play, taking Kyleigh to dance and gymnastics, and baking cookies and cupcakes with them.  We have a lot of fun together.  Harry gets to benefit from the all the baking, too. He loves to eat sweets.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Executive Committee Series: Part 4 Who is the Second Vice President

Pam’s Story

Pam was born in Monroe, Louisiana and has lived in Mississippi and Texas also.  She loved moving to new places with her two sisters and parents when her Dad transferred with his career.  She knew each new place would have more great friends and teachers.  The “road” that led Pam to her career in education began with her love of being a student.  She attended Louisiana College the summer following her junior year at New Iberia Senior High School, graduated a semester early from NISH and returned to LA College to major in art and history.  Two years later she transferred to Northwestern State University and completed a degree in Home Economics. After her three children, Christopher, Jennifer and Joseph, were born Pam returned to her NSU and earned her MS in Early Childhood Education. 

According to her husband, Brian, “when she’s not teaching kindergarten, she’s talking it!”  Pam Bond, alias “Krazy-in-Love-with-Kindergarten,” absolutely loves teaching kindergarten.  Pam begins her thirty-first year in the classroom and each year just gets better.  Pam has found that she can combine many of her many interests while teaching rather than having to select only one interest as a career venue...  She teaches art theory such as 3D perception, line and highlight techniques as she instructs five year olds to illustrate stories they have written.  She also uses history to expand their understanding of the hows-and-whys of their world.  Pam embraces new ideas to guide her students to become successful readers, authors, illustrators, patriotic citizens and mathematicians. 

Brian and Pam Bond have been married for fourteen years.  They have a total of four adult children whose careers span the oil and gas industry, healthcare and industrial heating and air. Joseph is pursuing his business degree at Texas A&M.  Five of their eight grandchildren are very successful students in seventh, fifth, third, second and pre-K levels. Brian is a pharmacist who serves on the Louisiana State Board of Pharmacy.  Pam and Brian are active members of Nolley Memorial Methodist Church in Jena where Pam sings second soprano in the Nolley Chancel Choir, is a member of The Grace Notes, the hand chime group and a member of the United Methodist Women.

Now for some lagniappe!  Pam thoroughly enjoys presenting professional development workshops/seminars and programs and sharing information with other educators. She and three other members of her chapter are devoted to water aerobics.  They also have a pass-a-long reading system so they can have a plethora of reading materials from romance, suspense, and supernatural novels to People!  And, of course, Pam LOVES shopping! 

Pam values her membership in The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International among the most treasured parts of her life.  It combines so many factors that she holds dear.  Most dear to Pam’s heart are the many friends she has met throughout the state and nation.  She enjoys serving on the different levels of the Society to help build strong chapters and looks forward to this biennium as Epsilon State 2nd Vice President and Membership Chairman.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Executive Committee Series: Part 3 Who is the First Vice President!

Highlights from Martha’s Trip to Tobago
Goats, cows, and chickens… oh my!
The food, one sheet, an electric shower… oh no!
Rain, sun, and sand… oh yea—the “all natural” guy.
Customs, the compound, cliffs…
… just a few of Martha’s adventures from Tobago!!!
Martha Turner has been a member of Alpha Rho chapter since 1995. During that time, she served as 2nd Vice-President, twice as President, Membership Chairman, Professional Affairs Committee member, and is still the Finance Committee Chairman for Alpha Rho. She held several positions on the Bossier-Caddo Coordinating Council and was the 2002 Northwest District Meeting Chairman. On the state level, she is presently Epsilon’s 1st Vice-President, co-chaired the 2010 State Convention, has been a member of and chaired the Finance Committee for the two bienniums, 2nd Vice-President, Parliamentary Advisor, and was a 2005 Bea Davis participant and instructor in 2007 and 2011. Martha was also a 2008 Golden Gift Seminar recipient, sang with the Golden Gift Class and was selected to represent the Golden Gift Class in Chicago. She has presented workshops at the district, state, regional, and international meetings, and has written, directed, sang, danced, and performed skits. Martha is a 1973 Mansfield High graduate, and has a B.S. Degree in Health, Physical and Safety Education, and Mathematics from LA Tech University. She holds a M.Ed in Administration and Supervision from McNeese State. She also has a Masters +30. Martha has been the Assistant Principal at Haughton High School since 1998. Her special interests include being a Sunday School teacher, feeding the residents and guests of Grace Home (for terminally ill cancer patients), cooking, working in her yard, reading cookbooks and historical romance novels, playing with her puppy Chico, and cheering on the Bucs of Haughton High School.   Recently, Martha traveled to Castara, Tobago for her niece’s wedding. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Great ideas for the first meeting!

Many chapters are preparing for the first meeting of the year and ideas are abounding. It is always a "point of interest" in chapter meetings when the "fun stuff" starts. Such as a scavanger hunt to find out what those special things are about another member of your chapter or giving out a small token to the person who can answer questions about the society, chapter, etc. Don't hesitate to build in some of these activities into your first meeting. The importance of informing our members comes in many forms and varieties, but most of all when our members enjoy, laugh, and participate we connect with each other. Chapter meetings should never be mundane, usual, or boring. Chapter meetings should be informative, interesting and engaging. Some neat ideas for door/game prizes are the candies. Such as:
  • Now & Later - We hope we can be a part of your life both NOW and LATER.
  • Tootsie Roll - You have a Divine Roll which only you can fulfill.
  • Loaf of bread - Just to let you know how much you're "kneaded" OR, thanks for "rising to the occasion"
Additional items (non-food):
  • Measuring Tape/Ruler: By the Yard it's hard, but by the inch it's a cinch - together we can make it!
  • Coke: We're "soda" lighted to have you in our chapter!
These are just a few ideas to use in your chapter meetings as members enter or participate in the activities of the moment.

Supplemental information taken from DKG SER Presidents Leadership Handbook 2011-2013. August 17, 2011.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Executive Committee Series: Part 2 Who is the Epsilon Executive Secretary

From Dolores Hackler, Executive Secretary (Also Baby Dog)

Initiated into Delta Kappa Gamma is 1976. I have served many positions including chapter president, district director, state committees, and now Executive Secretary. Graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a BA in Elementary Education. Continued my  education studying and taking classes in anything I thought would benefit my students. Retired in 2002 after 35 years in education – most of those in fifth grade – ended in computer lab.

Something you all may not know about me. Not only have I been involved as a teacher, but I have been involved as a parent. I was local unit PTA President (more than one school), Caddo District PTA President, Louisiana State President, and served on national level committees as well.

My husband Jerry and I were in the same class in Springhill High School, didn’t have much to do with each other then, but connected 22 years later. The last 28 years have been the best! I have one son and daughter-in-law, four step-children, four step grandchildren, and three step great grandchildren. Oh yes, I also have three granddogs.

My special interests include reading, travel, yardwork (most of it now is pointing and telling Jerry how good it looks), volunteering (on neighborhood board of directors too many years to count).

My faith in God is what has helped me be what I am today and where I am today. There are many scriptures that come to my mind each day, but the one that I always come back to is Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God..”

Friday, August 12, 2011

Executive Committee Series: Part 1 Who is the Epsilon President!

Members ask me quite often where do you work? What is your job? To give an idea beyond the general description shared in the Deltion last spring announcing the nominations of the officers, I will begin an 8 part series on the individuals who make up the Executive Committee. You need to know about the ladies who lead your state organization. In working with these ladies from 1999 as a member and since June 17 as a member of the committee, I can say without hesitation they all possess exceptional qualities both from an educational/society background  to the personal qualities and characteristics of the highest standard.

Part I: Donnis - I will have to say that I am unique in the group when it comes to one item: I live in Hicks, Louisiana! While some of you do not know where this is - Let me give you a hint - I live one mile north of Fort Polk U. S. Army Base - Go Army!!!! Thank you soldiers for protecting us.

Education: Graduate of Hicks High School, Northwestern State University in Natchitoches with a BA in Business Education and Bellevue University with a Masters in Public Administration.

Occupation: Project Coordinator for Louisiana Community and Technical College System, Alexandria (Present)

Positions: Middle school history and business instructor (Leesville Jr. High School), high school business instructor (Leesville High School), grant writer (Yes, I do have the gift for gab).

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Paul  for 32 years and we have two daughters Amy and Jaclyn. We are truly blessed to have two wonderful son-in-laws (One of whom I taught in jr. high) and four precious grandchildren Addison, Stella, Heidi, and Coleman.

I am convinced that what we do should connect to who we are for success in life! My passions in life extend into many areas (Home, family, DKG, work) but one that I cannot do without - Christ. No matter where I am taken each day I do not start without prayer and bible study. This to me is more precious than breakfast! If I make an impression on anyone I do sincerely hope that it is that of a god-fearing woman. This is more information that I have ever shared about myself and it is sometimes difficult. But I do want each of you to know (Those that ask and those that don't) that I am just like all of you in one way or another.

The officer's of the state are retired, working women who have a passion about DKG. We are your leaders! Get ready for Part 2: Dolores

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DKG chapters are a giving society! Are you applying for a chapter scholarship?

Reports shared with state presidents at SER revealed that a total of $1,646,735.91 were given in scholarships and Grant-in-Aid as of January 3, 2011. An amazing realization in this information is the amount of scholarships given at the chapter level. There were 502 scholarships awarded at the chapter level for a total of $149,659.02. What an accomplishment for chapters and member achievement! Great job chapters! These numbers are motivating to members seeking higher education to apply for scholarships at the chapter, state and international levels. DKG is a society which supports members through a variety of venues. Seek information from your chapter yearbook/calendar of events on the deadline and complete the form if you are a member currently pursuing a degree in higher education.

Supplemental information taken from SER President's Handbook 2011-2013. July 2011. Louisville, KY

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chapter Meetings - Are your following the agenda?

The purpose of chapter meetings are to conduct the business of the group. The National Association of Parliamentarians offer the following topics for an agenda when conducting society business:
  1. Call to order
  2. Opening ceremonies (Meditation, singing)
  3. Rules of order: Chair asks parliamentarian to present the rules for the order of the day.
  4. Introduction of guests
  5. Roll call
  6. Minutes: If distributed previously, the secretary does not read them.
  7. Correspondence
  8. Report of the Treasurer
  9. Report of Officers
  10. Standing Committees
  11. Special Committees
  12. Special orders
  13. Unfinished business
  14. New business
  15. Announcements
  16. Program
  17. Adjournment
These 17 points are for reference in developing a chapter meeting. The importance of an agenda must not be overlooked. Agendas along with attendance records (Roll call, sign-in sheets) should be kept in the chapter files along with the minutes from the meeting. These documents serve as an official record of chapter actions/votes/reports for future reference.

Taken from 2011 Leadership Development Conference Handbook. 2011. Southeast Regional Conference, Louisville KY.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

DKG Members of 5 years or less - What are they saying?

Delta Kappa Gamma International recently surveyed members who have been in the society for five years or less. The intent of the survey was to determine what appeals to this population. The results of the 160 members completing the survey are being used to change the process/offerings/dynamics of our Society in an effort to appeal to a broader range of members. The Society is a recipient of these efforts by greater communication, enhanced media (dkg.org), and many more advances. Below are some of the results (Highest and lowest per survey question) of the survey which you will find interesting:

  1. Benefits of chapter membership: Highest: Collegiality and fellowship. Lowest: Opportunities to develop personal leadership capacity
  2. What attracted these members to DKG? Highest: Honor of membership. Lowest: Opportunity for monetary assistance for advanced degrees.
  3. Impacting education worldwide: Society activities achieve this vision? Highest: Early-career educator support/Community projects sponsored by DKG. Lowest: International convention.
  4. What motivates your commitment to the Society? Highest: Personal relationships. Lowest: Chance to present/publish in your field.
  5. Did your DKG Orientation adequately prepare you for membership in the Society? 80% replied YES.
  6. DKG electronic resources you found helpful. Highest: Go To Meeting. Lowest: Educator's Edge.
  7. DKG publications which inform your knowledge of the Society and its activities and influence. Highest: Chapter newsletter. Lowest: DKG@UN.
Wow! Are you surprised? Not me! Many of you are not. The methods of communicating/involvement are changing. These results are not exclusive to our members with five years or less. There is a great population of Epsilon (Active, retired) who agree with these results. Two major ones that I definitely know I agree with:
Chapter newsletter is the number one publication of the Society and collegiality and fellowship of membership. Have you ever attended a DKG meeting when you were exhausted/frustrated/mentally drained after a day at school and when you left you were renewed/inspired/rejuvendated? I have! Use what we learn to makes changes for the advancement/continued journey of your chapter.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Planning for chapter meetings

Many chapters will kickoff the year with meetings in the very near future. My chapter, Beta Sigma will hold its first meeting on August 29. What an exciting time! We gather to meet once again with friends whom we share a common bond - Delta Kappa Gamma. Scheduling and planning a chapter meeting is a task which requires time and effort on the part of the officers and hostesses. Some essential documents which should always be present at your chapter meetings are: (1) Agenda (2) sign-in sheet for members. Trying to lead/conduct a meeting without an agenda is similar to driving a car without a steering wheel! It is just about impossible! Members need to know the topics of discussion. Essential items on an agenda are: Time, date, location, chapter name, facilitator, schedule of topics (Finance, minutes, etc.), presenter names, special upcoming events, dates, etc. Sign-in sheets are a component that many chapters may not use. But serve a purpose in tracking member attendance (Example: Attendance award justification). Roll call may also be another method just as effective. All meetings are an exciting time for members. So take the time to plan accordingly. Programs should be interesting/informative/innovative.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

LSUA - Why is this college important to Epsilon State?

Have you ever wondered where the archives of Epsilon State are located? Some of you know the answer to this question but many do not! Louisiana State University in Alexandria is the location in which Epsilon State historical/genealogical/memoribilia are kept. Yes, Epsilon State has a history and you are a part of the story. The founders may have begun the state organization but the members have kept on continuing the dream.

Dot Akins, Past State Historian played a major role in updating the information and ensuring the preservation of the documents. Thank you Dot! Charlotte Elmer, has taken the position of 2011-2013 State Historian. Dot and Charlotte are members who possess a wealth of knowledge about our society. Our history will continue to "live on" through the efforts of these ladies. Thank you both for your dedication and commitment to Delta Kappa Gamma.

Monday, August 1, 2011

What is the season in your life? Delta Kappa Gamma and you!

Sharing with you the inspirational moment I shared at the Third General Session, DKG, Louisville, 2011
Ecclesiasties 3:1 reminds us that "There is a time for every purpose, and a season for every activity under the heaven". As a member in a society which empowers women to REACH(Louisiana state theme for 2011-2013) and achieve personal and professional endeavors . . . .  What is the season in your life?
Are you in the Winter season? Deciding what will be your next step in Delta Kappa Gamma. Will you accept a leadership role at the chapter, district, state or international level, apply for scholarships, become a workshop presenter, submit an article to your chapter or state newsletter or to the Bulletin? You are Designing your Future!
Are you in the Spring season? Applications are complete/articles written to submit for the various opportunities that our state and international organization offers, you've accepted a leadership position, travel plans have been made to attend the state, regional or international conferences. You are REACHing!
Are you in the Summer season? Serving as an officer in the position to assist and impact change? You are a member of the state or international projects (Golden Gift, International Speakers Fund, state leadership), registrations are complete for the society conferences. You are Embracing your vision!
Are you in the Fall season? Reflecting on your journey, appreciating the achievement of personal and professional goals?
Journeys are not defined by time! Opportunities to design and embrace your season may be today in Delta Kappa Gamma? As a member in a society which empowers women to design, embrace and achieve personal and professional endeavors . . .  What is the season in your life?