Saturday, August 10, 2013

Epsilon Casting Call Crew! Leadership Development Committee

Epsilon Leadership Committee members working in Pineville on the next production of leadership opportunities coming in 2013-2015. Members are Donnis Poe, Mary Ann Hebert, Mitzi Quinn, Kathy Welch, Debbie Sandidge, Pat Crochet. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Biennium draws to a close!


It is without a doubt that I say to all "Thank you" for your support during my biennium as Epsilon President. I could not have done this job without the help and support of my sisters in this great organization which promotes personal and professional pursuits for educators. 

Martha Turner begins her biennium Monday, July 1.  I will support her work and efforts to continue the growth of Epsilon through projects and events. I ask that you also support Martha as our state president. Be receptive to change. Say "Yes" to request to participate on committees, chair events, etc.  Epsilon is a great state organization and one that I am very proud to be a member of.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Outfitting Oklahoma - Great Project!


A project conceived and developed by Mary E. Le Blanc of Westwego who is a member of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International (a professional organization of key women educators in all 50 states and 18 countries.) Her idea was to help meet the need of fellow organization members, their families and communities in the area of Moore, OK. In the 18-mile span of the tornado destruction, 7 schools were lost. It was very clear that their need was great. How could that need be met, was the question. Faith in God, put everything into place.

Sandy Arabie, owner of Arabie Trucking volunteered to provide an 18-wheeler, driver, and fuel to transport the boxes. Joe Peoples of the Westwego Police Department volunteered to handle storing the boxes and loading the truck. Moya Collins of NOLA Box Co. provided hundreds of boxes and strapping tape.

Great professional and civic organizations, businesses, churches, families, carnival krewes, private schools, and individuals contributed various components necessary for the project’s success. Westwego Civic Association, True Vine Baptist Church, and Banter Fraternity gave the use of their halls to man the tremendous effort of tireless volunteers who worked often 15-hour days to sort, and prepare the individual care packages that will be handed out to individuals upon arrival in Oklahoma. Many people offered their time and resources to the project. Audrey Labiche, Betty Landry, Vera Vedros, Sandra Smith, and Loretta Brehm, all senior citizens, worked daily to fill the interior of the sometimes endless interior of the 53’ long, 10’ high, and 8’wide truck.

Project director, Mary Le Blanc said, “ May God richly bless all of the people who came together in this effort, and the people in Oklahoma who will be the recipients. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

The anxiously awaited truck will arrive on Sunday morning. You can follow the trip on Facebook under Lagniappe from the Bayou, Arabie Trucking Services, Outfitting Oklahoma. Or, you can track the trip on email at

If you missed out on participating in the project, you can send a check to “Moore Public Schools Donation Center/ Tornado Relief Center”, c/o 250 Louisiana Street, Westwego, LA, 70094-4114. The contact person there will be able to replace more items for the schools that was destroyed.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bea Davis Class of 2013

Congratulations to the Bea Davis Class of 2013. Great job ladies! I know that you will do wonderful things for DKG.
Ashley Allen – Alpha Alpha Chapter, NE
Kay Bradford – Theta Chapter, NE
Dawn Chaisson – Chi Chapter, SW
Dolores Hackler – Alpha Sigma, NW
Paula Hotard – Kappa, S
Katherine Jackson – Psi Chapter, C
Yvonne Normand – Alpha Zeta, SW
Betsy Warwick – Alpha Upsilon, C

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DKG International: Administrative Board Meeting Actions May 16-18, 2013


Actions taken:  DKG International Administrative
Board Meeting

May 16-18, 2013



·      Approved the cost for translation of the International Standing Rules (2012) into Spanish not to exceed $70.00 and for translating the Constitution and ISR into Japanese, as per their official request, for an amount not to exceed $4,000.

·      Endorsed policy and guidelines of the Arts & Humanities Jury, as amended, for approval by the executive board. To substitute the words “may be inadmissible” for the words “is not appropriate” in the second sentence of the last paragraph of the general policy. 

·         Approved the procedures manuals for finance, non-dues revenue, communications and publicity, and constitution committees.
·         Added “Sharing DKG Administrative Board Responsibilities” to the Administrative Board Policies and Responsibilities to I. A. and moved current A. Policy for Electronic Communications to B.
·         Proposed an amendment to add “Update Sharing DKG Administrative Board Responsibilities” biennially to Constitution Article VI, Section C Duties, 10, b, as (3) and move current (3) to (4).  (Proposal will be forwarded to the Constitution Committee.)
·         Changed the Employee Handbook for Society Headquarters page 9-1 Service and Retirement Awards to read: all current employees shall receive $50 from the Society upon completion of ten (10) years of service and at the end of every ten (10) years of service after that.
·         Changed pages 8-7 and 8-9 in the Employee Handbook to reflect a 30-workday limit for extended sick leave.
·         Went into executive session to discuss salaries.
·         Agreed to maintain the 2012-2013 salary schedule for 2013-2014.
·         Moved the executive director, effective July 1, 2013, from Level 7 Step 6 to Level 7 Step 7 on the Headquarters Staff Salary Schedule for 2013-2014.
·         Moved the operation services administrator, effective July 1, 2013, from Level 6 Step 4 to Level 6 Step 5 of the headquarters staff salary schedule for 2013-2014.
·         Adopted the updated Strategic Action Plan as amended.
·         Amended the Guidelines for International Expansion Process to ensure the 30 members required by the Constitution are present at the installation by inserting in Step Four: The Study Process a new #6, as follows:  Each state organization should reach the level of self-sustainability within five (5) years of installation.  Sustainability is defined as follows: the state organization 1) Pays dues on time; 2) Completes and submits reports on time; 3) Sends the president or designee to regional conference training and International Executive Board meetings; 4) Maintains open and interactive communication with international leaders and 5) Grows by 20% within five (5) years.  Change present #6 to #7, #7 to #8 and #8 to #9. To add “10) Identify and inform founders that they are charged with growing the organization by increasing membership, adding chapters, developing leadership and encouraging members’ involvement.  Founders should participate with other units of the Society; extend membership to eligible women; uphold excellence in projects and policies; and support the professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.
·         Proposed an amendment to the Constitution Article V, Section C, 3. To read: A new state organization shall have no fewer than sixty (60) members of whom twelve (12) to sixteen (16) may be founders.  (Proposal will be forwarded to the Constitution Committee.)
·         Recommended executive board approval of the Eunah Temple Holden Leadership Fund Committee’s financial support of a non-member woman speaker for the 2014 International Convention (as per Constitution Article VIII, Section C. 3. a.)

·         Approved the proposed lists 2, 3 and 4 of vendors/exhibitors for the 2013 regional conferences.

·         Set fees for the 2014 International Convention in Indianapolis as follows:

      Registration - $160

      Guest - $20

      Non-member - $200

      One day - $60

·         Approved a processing fee of $30 on 2014 International Convention registration cancellations.

·         Denied approval of collection of contributions by the Golden Gift Fund Committee at its assigned activity (meet and greet) during the 2014 International Convention.
·         Determined not to allow solicitation by individuals or Society international committees at international conventions or regional conferences.
·         Approved the proposed list of vendors/exhibitors for the 2014 International Convention.
·         Approved the following vendor/exhibitor fees for registration prior to October 15, 2013, for the 2014 International Convention:
DKG affiliate vendor/exhibitor: one table $87.00, two tables $173.00, three tables $259.00
DKG non-affiliate vendor: one table $345.00, two tables $575.00, three tables $805.00
DKG non-affiliate exhibitor: one table $173.00, two tables $345.00, three tables $460.00.
Extra charges will be made for additional hotel fees.
·         Approved the following vendor/exhibitor fees for registration after October 15, 2013, for the 2014 International Convention:
DKG affiliate vendor/exhibitor – one table $100, two tables $200, three tables $300.00
DKG non-affiliate vendor – one table $400, two tables $660, three tables $925
DKG non-affiliate exhibitor – one table $200, two tables $400, three tables $530.
·         Approved accepting the gift to Society Headquarters in honor of Ohio’s 75th Anniversary.
·         Approved the 2013-2014 Replacement Schedule.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Red Rose Alert from Epsilon Legislative Committee

The Senate Committee on Education met on Thursday, May 30th voting against HB160 by Rep. Gene Reynolds. This bill would have delayed the full implementation of the COMPASS evaluations system until the legislature has reviewed the data to ensure accuracy and fairness. A second bill, HB 129 by Rep. Vincent Pierre (D-Lafayette) was approved by the House Education Committee this week and sent to the full House for a vote. The bill says that both components of teacher evaluations - the objective and subjective halves - must be 100% complete before any disciplinary action can be taken against a teacher.

The House passed HB 129, and amended it to include the language formerly in HB 160.

Sen. Appel, who chairs the Senate Education Committee, said that he may call a meeting of the Senate Education Committee to take action on the amended bill, and that it could still have time to go before the Senate before June 6.

Please contact the senate committee and let them know why they should vote for HB129. Don't delay.

See below for committee member telephone numbers and email addresses:
Senator Conrad Appel

Senator Eric LaFleur

Senator Dan Claitor

Senator Jack Donahue

Senator Elbert L. Guillory

Senator Michael A. Walsworth

Senator Mack A. White, Jr.

Friday, May 10, 2013

May Allen Scholarship Opportunities at Tulane

Want to travel or learn something really fun this summer? Unlimited opportunities await you at Tulane. Utilize the May Allen DKG Scholarship to help you move to the next level or learn something new. Here's how to learn more about the May Allen Scholarship. Check it out at   This page contains a short description of the scholarship, and the link to the PDF form and instructions.

Access the form directly at: As the initial summer deadline (May 15) is fast approaching, you will want to act fast! So, why wait. Apply today.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Epsilon State Annual Report 2013 Part 4 of 4

13 chapters have developed ways to support Schools for Africa. Below are some of their ideas:

(1) Take donations from members at meetings.

(2) We have allotted money in our budget for support of the project.
(3) Our chapter provides monetary funds for a local high school's Student Council to mail books to an African school. 
Ways chapters are "strengthening the buzz" in the local media.
(1)  Our chapter has meetings and special events highlighted in our local newspaper.  We strive to send articles and pictures of events as they occur.
(2)  Our "Excellence in Education"" awards have been publicized in the local media.
(3) We donate books, including the current DKG award-winning book, to local libraries, including that of McNeese State University, in memory of deceased members of the chapter. We have made sure that the local media are aware of this, and have had photographs appear in the local  newspaper."
(4) We are striving to bring more awareness to our chapter by utilizing the outlet of our local media.  We are working toward submitting some of our chapter's activities to the local newspaper but nothing has been published as of yet.
(5) "Through our chapter newsletters;
(6) Volunteering at Education Day of the Zwolle Fiesta "
(7) We present a check to a new teacher of 100.00 at the school board meeting, there is a write-up in the local newspaper.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Epsilon State Annual Report 2013 Part 3 of 4

34 chapters have projects which support early career educators. Below are some of the ideas:
(1) We give a $100 scholarship to the top UNO graduate in early childhood each year.

(2) We decided to host a "New Teacher Shower" for a young lady now teaching in our parish.  We also have a Christmas auction to raise money for our scholarship fund that is awarded to a graduating high school senior planning to enter the field of teaching.
(3)  "We give new teachers gifts that will help them in classroom.

(4) We provide a meal to RICE students (future teachers) that come to help our school system during their break."

(5)"Our November meeting will focus on early-career educators-education majors at Northwestern State University; learn how our chapter can provide support to these students, then make plans to carry out activities that support these students.

(6) The chapter will also provide ""goodie bags"" for teachers during testing period in the spring. "

(7) We provide a "Grant In Aid" to one or more of the new teachers yearly. New teachers in Bossier Parish are invited to attend a DKG meeting. Those attending and names of new teachers submitted by members are then entered into a drawing. Prior to the drawing the members determine how many grants we will give and for what amounts. This varies yearly as our donations fluctuate. Alpha Rho gave four $50 grants to four new teachers this year. The money is given in the form of a check and the recipient then purchases items for her classroom.
(8) "Our chapter supports first year teachers in our community by  giving a 100 gift to a new teacher. It is to be used to help start off the year with new supplies. "

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Epsilon State Annual Report 2013 Part 2 of 4

30 chapters have projects that support  excellence in education and below are some of the projects within the chapters:
1) Zeta Chapter is providing small "gift packs" to teachers and staff at C.E. Byrd High School in Shreveport and Keithville Elementary/Middle School in Keithville.  This includes a total of about 280 people.  Our effort is to encourage and show appreciation to educators for their efforts in our profession.
(2) "Top female graduate project recognizes  senior girls with highest GPA in class
Keagan's Center After-School Tutoring Program-donated money, school supplies/snacks
Literacy Project - donated books (Pre-K - 5th grade) to the local Parent Center
Red Apple Award (non-member recipient) & Gold Apple Award (member recipient)
Maude Anderson Grants ($300 each) - presented to two parish female student teachers"
We presented  a gift card to a Teacher of the Year from our Parish.
"Our chapter sponsors a scholarship to a local woman pursuing an educational degree."
(3) Eta uses funds from an annual auction to support two endeavors which promote educational excellence. First, we support Broaden Horizons. This group provides academic tutoring and personal mentoring to at-risk pre-teens and teenagers, with a strong emphasis on African-American males. Next, we support the University of Louisiana at Monroe Child Development Center (ULM-CDC). The director of the ULM-CDC is a member of Eta. The CDC promotes early childhood learning for an ethnically diverse student population and aids in the education of pre-service educators.
(4) "We give $100 Teacher Grants to be used by new teachers to purchase classroom materials. 
(5) We work closely with the New Teacher Induction Coordinator as she provides professional development to new teacher.  In August, our chapter assisted with the New Teacher Orientation  session.  Wearing our red Delta Kappa Gamma shirts, we were introduced to the group, we provided an afternoon snack, gave eight lucky winners an educational supply basket, one lucky winner a $50 Wal-mart gift certificate.  Our sisters offer support to these new teacher by giving them our phone numbers through the coordinator for special assistance throughout the year.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Epsilon State Annual Report 2013 Part 1 of 4

Information below is a snapshot of 2013 Epsilon chapters as reported by chapter presidents. Check out the four-part series published over the next few days.
  • 55 chapters in our state and 50 chapters completed report
  • 45 chapters initiated new members in 2012
  • Chapter presidents participating in the new officer workshop submit comments on the leadership training
(1) Brainstorming activities that would interest members.
(2) Guidelines booklet.
(3) meeting with other new presidents - who felt overwhelmed also.
(4) The nice way that the Calendar of Events is set up so nicely.  Also the phone numbers.
(5)Informative information was given at this workshop in order for me to know the direction I wanted to take our chapter into the next biennium. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Save our Libraries

Red Rose Alert
 from Epsilon State Legislative Committee

Help save our school libraries.  The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) has proposed changes to Section 1705 (School Library-Media Programs) of Bulletin 741 - Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators. The proposed changes, if made official, could possibly eliminate school libraries/media centers
in grades K-8 and could diminish the number of professional librarians serving in grades 9-12.

Please take a few minutes to send a quick message to your BESE representative in opposition to the changes to Section 1705 of Bulletin 741 from the Louisiana Library Association:

SER Talent Search

Southeast Regional Conference
Orlando, FL
July 10 - 13, 2013
Gerry Hacker and Nancy Davis are working on filling all of the talent spots for SE Regional. Many of DKG faithful talented members have offered their services. However, they are still looking for some new faces or members that have not performed at the regional in a while.  If you are attending SER in Orlando in July and would like to participate, please send you name and information to Gerry and Nancy (Email below). 
SER Music Co-chairs

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Epsilon Order of the Magnolia receive special gifts

During our recent state convention, past presidents received a special gift - a piece of jewelry from Wanda Gunn's collection. Cooper Knecht and Anne Anderson were instrumental in making this special moment happen during our convention. This year's convention was also a special time for the Wanda Gunn Scholarship. The information and guidelines for the "Wanda Gunn Live and Learn Stipend" were shared with the participants. Please take advantage of this special scholarship opportunity.

Wanda Gunn was a success in all aspects of her life. Her beauty, insightful qualities and leadership skills will always be remembered. Thank you Cooper and Anne for your thoughtfulness and generosity in the presentation to members of the Order of the Magnolia. I cherish the blue flower that I received and wear it with honor. Donnis

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Omicron Welcomes State President to Birthday Luncheon 2013

Thank you Omicron Chapter for inviting me to attend your Hat and Glove Birthday Luncheon today in Hammond. The luncheon was held at Chapter President Gwen Traylor's home. The decorations, food and friends were all extraordinary. Gwen shared information about the charter members of the chapter and give great insight to members about the impact these great women made in education in our state.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

2013 Epsilon Convention Schedule-at-a-glance

Epsilon State Delta Kappa Gamma

2013 State Convention

Lincoln Parish Library Events Center (910 N. Trenton Street)

Ruston, LA

Friday, March 15
3:00 9:00 PM Registration (Deliver Chapter Flags by 5 PM)
4:00 8:00 PM Theme Basket Check-In and Display
5:30 6:30 PM Executive Board Dinner
7:00 9:00 PM Executive Board Meeting
Saturday, March 16
7:30 AM 12:00 PM Registration
7:30 1 Hour After Luncheon Marketplace Open
8:30 10:00 AM First General Session
10:20 11:05 AM Workshops Session I
11:15 AM 12:00 PM Workshops Session II
12:30 2:00 PM Birthday Luncheon
(Don your Hats and Gloves for the Celebration)
5:30 PM Assembly of Head Table Guests, Past Presidents, Chapter
6:00 9:00 PM Presidents and Founders Banquet
Immediately following Banquet President s Reception
Sleep Inn and Suites Russ Room
Sunday, March 17
8:00 8:45 AM Celebration of Life Necrology Service
Music Begins: 7:45 AM
Doors Close Promptly: 7:55 AM
9:00 11:00 AM Brunch/Second General Session

Friday, March 1, 2013

Convention registration rises!

Epsilon Convention 2013 is quicly approaching and registrations are continuing to come in as DKG members prepare to travel to Ruston for our annual meeting. At this time, 228 have registered. If you have not mailed your registration, please do so. I hope to see you all in Ruston.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Emergency Fund - BAG for SER Conference in Orlando

           B.A.G.-“Bring a Gift” for the Emergency Fund
The DKG International Emergency Fund Helps ease the loss and hurt of our members in times of a natural disaster.

We want to keep that fund filled and ready!

You can help by “Bringing a Gift” to Orlando. Contributions for the Emergency Fund will be collected at the Celebration Luncheon at the Southeast Regional Conference.  Not all members are able to attend this conference but would like to participate and this way every member can play a part in this effort.

Here is the Challenge for the SE Region States:

·        Chapter presidents will bring a gift bag to the next meeting and pass it around so members can contribute any change or paper money from their purses.

·        Chapters will then send the funds collected to their state treasurer.  The state treasurer, in turn, will write a check for the total amount collected from your state organization for the Emergency Fund.

·        Each Southeast State Organization Treasurer or her delegate will bring their check to Orlando to present for the International Emergency Fund at the Celebration Luncheon.

·        Collecting money prior to the regional conference has been approved by the International Administrative Board. 

·        Questions? Contact Donnis Poe at

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First-Timers Baskets at State

In traveling around the state I ask our members "What is the theme of your chapter basket this year?". Many interesting and fun ideas are being created for this event at our convention in Ruston this year. Some of the ideas include hunting, technology, travels, and of course food. Many of us have traveled to conferences and conventions and I know will agree that this is a unique experience at our convention. So, save your dollars, bring your address labels or stamp and get ready to browse the basket area for that one, two or three baskets that you would like to take home with you. See you in Ruston. Donnis