Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chapter Excellence: Highlight chapter and members - Alpha Gamma

Santa came early for the children residing at Oasis (formerly the Calcasieu Women's Shelter), when members of DKG's Alpha Gamma Chapter came bearing gifts for the start-up of a new Literacy Center at the shelter, the brainchild of President Arlene Hobaugh. Among the donations were computers, printers, surge protectors, computer games, copy paper, VCRs and DVD players, cassette players and blank tapes, sets of flash cards, books, and more to come. Hobaugh presented a plaque to accompany our gifts, to Director Kathy Williams. Not only will these items benefit the children at the shelter, but neighborhood children as well,who take part in the regular after-school program.

This same population has previously benefited from two DKG Literacy Grants—one a Book-of-the-Month presentation, where members gathered to read appropriate monthly books, and tutors followed up with the accompanying activities. The second literacy grant was titled, Connecting the Two 'Rs"Reading & 'Rithmetic, which involved literature having a link to a particular math strand plus its coordinated math activity. And earlier, these students received a collection of books about Christmas in Many Lands to enhance an ongoing classroom study.  All the books contained an attractive DKG bookplate designed by Dot Akins. Alpha Gamma Chapter has a membership of 61 members, from Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 13: The woman behind the scholarship Frances Wilson

Frances earned her BA from Southwestern State University and her M.Ed from the University of Houston. She also did post-graduate work at Colorado State Teachers College, McNeese State, Duke University, and the University of Southwestern. Frances taught math and was a counselor at Sulphur High School. An an active member of Sulphur First Baptist Church she used her talents to teach Sunday School and Training Union. Frances was the recipient of the 1996 Epsilon State Achievement Award. She can best be described as a leader, having served for 27 years as either a state officer or a member of various state committees.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 12: The woman behind the scholarship Charlotte Jaynes

Charlotte taught speech and English at Bossier High School. She later become the secondary Language Arts Coordinator for Bossier Parish. She was active at all levels of DKG. She served a chapter president for Zeta and Alpha Rho chapters and was also state president (1953-1965). At the international level she served on the International Leadership Development Committee, International Scholarship Committee, as SER Director, as a member-at-large on the International Administrative Board, and as a member of the International Nominations Committee.  One of Charlotte's students, who later become Chief Judge of the Louisiana Second Circuit Court of Appeals, said of her "Ms. Jaynes gentle way of teaching made me want to be a better person. Ms. Jaynes was a great teacher."  The Charlotte Jaynes Scholarship was established in 1984.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 11: The woman behind the scholarship Bea Davis

Bea Davis received her BA degree from Newcomb College in 1929 and her MA from Tulane in 1934. Although the holder of a master's degree, she used the May Allen Scholarship at Tulane in the summer of 1946 for further study to help in her work as a visiting teacher and supervisor in her parish system.

She started her teaching career coaching the girls' basketball team while teaching English and history at Braithwaite, later becoming the principal. She also served as Supervisor of Instructor and visiting teacher. Bea ended her 41 year educational career as Director of Special Educational Services in Orleans Parish.

It has been said that" Bea represented all the fine qualities of a great educator and Delta Kappa Gamma member". Not having a family her "baby" was DKG. She served in many positions at local, state and international levels. Among them she served as Epsilon State President for two bienniums, SER Director, two bienniums on the International Personnel Committee - the second as chairman.

Bea left a  bequest of $55,000 to Epsilon State to establish a means to train DKG leaders. The result of that bequest established the Bea Davis Leadership Development Seminar in 1980. The first seminar, which is held once each biennium, was in 1991.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 10: The woman behind the scholarship Eleanor Blatterman

Eleanor Blatterman became a member of DKG in 1934, the first year of Epsilon State. She was one of the 12  founding members of Zeta Chapter in Shreveport. Eleanor received her Master's degree from the University of Tennessee in 1956. She served at all levels of DKG. For three years, she simultaneously served as Epsilon State Treasurer and Epsilon State Executive Secretary. She communicated many times with the chapter presidents providing support and information. Eleanor is remembered for her tact and ability to get along with others. In 1968-1970 she served on the International Committee on the constitution. The Eleanor Blatterman Scholarship, the 6th scholarship of an Epsilon State member, was established in 1976.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 9: The woman behind the scholarship Lessie Moore

Lessie Moore was educated at Tulane (BA) and the University of Arkansas (Masters). Lessie was the first woman to be named principal of a school in Rapides Parish. She retired after 47 years and then taught at Mid-City High in New Orleans.  Those who knew Lessie loved her and were always inspired in her presence. Lessie's leadership made a significant difference in DKG. Ms. Moore passed away in 1970. At the 1971 Epsilon State Convention a state scholarship was established in her honor, and Rapides Parish Parish School Board renamed Pineville elementary as Lessie Moore Elementary.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 8: The woman behind the scholarship: Alma Levins

Alma Levins served as Epsilon State President for two terms. As president for one year, when the change in procedure for the election of chapter and state officers resulted in a one year term for the following biennium.

In 1956 Alma had an "honoring share" to the International Headquarters Building Fund given in her name. Names of those so honored to be inscribed in the Golden Book kept permanently in the Headquarters Building In Austin, Texas. In addition to serving as state president, Alma served in many positions as both chapter and state levels. Notably of which was several  biennium's as Epsilon State Scholarship Chairman. In Mary of 1969, the 4th Epsilon State Scholarship was established in honor of Alma Levins.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 7: Mary Thornton

Mary Thornton served as Epsilon State President (1944-1948), Treasurer (1942-1944), and Executive Secreatry (1948-1966) in addition to many national and international committees. Her enjoyment of writing led to the publishing of her poems, articles and book reviews in the Bulletin.  Mary was the recipient of the DKG International Achievement Award - highest award at the International level. The third scholarship funded was established in 1950. Scholarship was first awarded in 1951. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 6: The woman behind the scholarship Grace Agate

As an Epsilon state founder, Grace served as the first Epsilon State President. The following biennium she held the office of Corresponding Secretary. Grace served in many state and national positions. She was National First VP (1937-1940), served on the Board of Directors of the Bulletin, and was honored with the National Achievement Award (1936-1939). Grade was instrumental in compiling the Epsilon State Histories, along with the Pioneer Women Teachers of Louisiana. During WWII Grace attained the rank of Lieutenant in the Civil Air Patrol. The Grace Agate Scholarship was established in 1942 as a Summer School Stipend but is presently awarded for any semester. This scholarship is to be used for graduate study at LSU.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 5: The woman behind the scholarship - May Allen

As a state founder and state president (1936-1940) May Allen came to Louisiana by way of Maine. Ms. Allen was educated in the northeast receiving her BA from Smith College and PhD from Yale University. She also studied at Biblical Seminary in New York, American Academy in Rome, and the University of Perugia, Italy. May taught in colleges in Maryland, Massachusetts, Kansas City and the Unviersity of Tennessee before arriving in New Orleans. She was on the faculty of Sophie Newcomb College where she was chairman of the Department of Classical Languages and Acting Head of the Latin Department. She taught classical languages and Biblical literature at Newcomb for 25 years before her retirement in 1949.

On the national level of DKG May served as National Recording Secretary (1942-1944) and as chair of the headquarters Building Committee (1940-1943). She was the recipient of the National Achivement Award in 1945.  May was honored by Epsilon State with the establishment of a scholarship in 1940 at Tulane University in her name. It was first a Summer School Stipend then changed in  1978 to May A. Allen Tulane Travel Study Stipend. May Allen was among those in 1956 to have their name inscribed in the Golden Book as an Epsilon State contributor the International Headquarters Building Fund.

Ms. Allen's dedication to DKG and Epsilon is evident in her vision to create a financial legacy for members of Society in pursuit of expanding knowledge through travel.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 4: Award Amounts

These are the maximum possible funds awarded for the eleven state scholarships:

·         $2,500 for doctoral study

·         $2,400 for two semesters of study as a full time student

·         $2,000 + fees for Travel/Study stipend

·         $2,000 for postdoctoral study

·         $1,200 for one semester of study as a full time student

·         $1,000 for a summer session in which 5 or more credits are earned

·         $500 for a summer session in which 1—4 credits are earned

·         $500 for one semester of study as a part time student

Note: These amounts can be earned in combination with each other.

For example: $1,000 for full time summer school
                           +500 for part time fall study
                          +500 for part time spring study
                                  TOTAL    $2,000

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 3: Minimum Requirements

1.   Members must be in good standing of a Louisiana chapter and have been a  member for two years  by January 15th of the year  application is made.

2.   Must be planning to do graduate work in an approved institution of higher learning which offers a graduate degree in the field in which the applicant plans to study.
3.   Must meet reasonable standards as far as general health, professional services, and community services.
4.   Importance is attached to the contributions of the applicant to Delta Kappa Gamma.
5.   May A. Allen applicant shall:
·         hold at least a Master’s degree,
·         have a minimum of five years of successful teaching experience,
·         have a minimum of three years active membership in Delta Kappa Gamma, and
·         have a record of outstanding service to Delta Kappa Gamma.
6.    State Founders Scholarship applicant shall:
·         be enrolled in a doctoral program or in post­doctoral study at an approved institution;
·         have been a member of a Louisiana chapter for a minimum of five years;
·         have served her chapter, district, and/or state in an outstanding manner.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 2: Scholarships Available

Epsilon State DKG is blessed to have an abundance of scholarships available throughout our state for educators. Many members are not aware of the vast offering of financial assistance for continuing their personal and professional educational goals. This series will give all members greater insight into the women of Epsilon who were passionate about our Society and education by having the foresight to donate/contribute/bequest funds for members that they may never have the opportunity to meet. What a wonderful legacy to pass along.

1.          1.   May A. Allen Travel/Study Scholarship through Tulane  University

2.   Grace B. Agate Scholarship to LSU

3.   Mary Thornton Scholarship

4.   Alma Levins Scholarship

5.   Lessie Moore Scholarship

6.   Eleanor Blatterman Scholarship

7.   Bea Davis Scholarship

8.   Charlotte Jaynes Scholarship

9.   Past Presidents Travel/Study/Special Projects Stipend

    10. State Founders Scholarship for Doctoral or Post ¬Doctoral Study

11. Frances Wilson Scholarship

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 1: Vivian Bourgeois

 Vivian F. Bourgeois

August 17, 1914October 27, 1993

Vivian Florence Bourgeois was born in New Orleans in 1914, the last of six children of Paul Bourgeois and M. Alzina Spahr. At age two she was stricken with polio-myelitis. She bore the resulting physical deformity throughout her life. She was educated in the public schools of New Orleans including the New Orleans Normal School. She later received two degrees from Tulane University. Additional graduate work was done when she received a summer scholarship to study Remedial Reading at Boston College. Another summer scholarship was granted to study Intercultural Relations at the University of Chicago. A third scholarship for a semester enabled her to extend her graduate work in Research at Tulane. Special short term courses at LSU and Xavier University completed her formal college education.
At age eighteen she began her career as a Kindergarten teacher. In the following eleven years she taught at four additional elementary school levels including grades one and eight. She was then named Supervisor of Educational Measurement for the elementary schools. This was later extended to include all public high schools in the city. In 1975 she retired after forty-two years of service with the Orleans Parish School Board. In 1983 she as cited for work she accomplished for ACE International. In 1984 she received the state Achievement Award from The Delta Kappa Gamma Society. In 1993 the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International named a $2000 annual Special Projects Award in her honor.
 Miss Bourgeois died in her home on Wednesday, October 27, 1993. She left a bequest of $48,363.93 to Epsilon State Organization of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. A Committee was appointed in the fall of 1995 to prepare guidelines for the establishment of the Vivian F. Bourgeois Special Stipend. The guidelines were approved at the 1996 Epsilon State Convention. The stipend will encourage Epsilon State members to become better classroom teachers/professors by affording tem the opportunity to present at or attend regional, national, and international conferences/conventions or workshops/seminars within their subject matter disciplines. Awards, provided from interest accrued, cannot exceed $500 per recipient and shall be used to defray expenses of registration, room costs, and travel.

In July, 1995, Epsilon State received $43,363.93 from the Estate of Miss Vivian Florence Bourgeois, a Past Epsilon State President who died on October 27, 1993. The Vivian F. Bourgeois Special Study Commmittee was apponted by President Mary Ann Beasley to develop guidelines for use of the bequest. The guidelines were approved at the 1996 Epsilon State Convention.
The goals of the Vivian F. Bourgeois Special Stipend Committee are:
  • To encourage active educators to improve classroom skills by attending conferences and conventions pertaining to their subject disciplines and conducted by significant educational organizations other then The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International;
  • To provide financial assistance (not to exceed $500) to approved attendees to defray expenses of registration, room costs, and travel.
Committee members: Virgie Dronet, Lisa Taylor, Barbara Jobe, Lynnette Wise, Frances Wilson.

Application and guidelines may be obtained from the Epsilon State website.

Special thanks to Virgie Dronet for providing information for the scholarship series.

Monday, February 6, 2012

What is Purposeful Living Seminar?

Have you ever wanted to explore one place? Learn by visiting historic, locations of interest in a specific state/city? DKG's Educational Foundation offers presents a seminar for just this purpose - exploration/exciting/informative - Purposeful Living. Traditionally the seminar takes place in or around the location for the International Convention. This year member's will benefit from the seminar location at our nation's capital. I have been to the capital on a similar tour and can say without hesitation that the activties planned for the 2012 seminar will be rewarding. If you are interested or just want to gather more information read below and check out the links provided.

Information obtained from DKG Educational Foundation website.

On even numbered years the Educational Foundation presents a seminar for DKG members and guests.
The next Seminar in Purposeful Living will be held in Washington, D.C., the United States capital city.
Purposes of the Seminar in Purposeful Living:
  • To stimulate personal and professional growth of Delta Kappa Gamma members,
  • To afford opportunity for fellowship among Delta Kappa Gamma members,
  • To inform membership concerning timely issues in education, and
  • To support and encourage intercultural understanding.
A Capital Experience schedule is as follows:
  • Thursday, July 19 - Dinner and overview of the planned activities
  • Friday, July 20 - Breakfast and then Arlington National Cemetery, the Capital Building (lunch on your own), and the National Cathedral. After dinner, a bus tour of the major historical monuments and memorials illuminated at night.
  • Saturday, July 21 - Buffet breakfast and discussions with Educational Foundation Trustees. Lunch on your own and choice of tours.
  • Mount Vernon, George Washington's home on the Potomac
  • History on Foot - a two hour guided tour in the Ford's Theater area where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865
  • The National Mall: Smithsonian - tour your choice of Smithsonian buildings
  • See the registration form for detailed information on additional tours.
  • Sunday, July 22 - Full breakfast and Seminar conclusion followed by bus trip to New York City (Lunch on your own.)
Numbers are limited to 250 participants and based on first-come, first-served registration. Hotel information is sent to participants at the time of registration. Single/double occupancy rooms are $129 before taxes and fees.

Seminar in Purposeful Living Online Registration

Friday, February 3, 2012

Epsilon Expresses

Epsilon expresses our deepest sympathy to Corlea Plowman, DKG International Executive Director in the recent loss of her mother. Information is provided below if you would like to send a card or email.

Mail: DKG International, P. O. Box 1589, Austin, TX 78767-1589
Email: corleap@dkg.org

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New York! New York

Hotel reservations complete! Flight reservations complete! Conference registration complete! Wow! It's hard to believe that international convention is in New York. Many members have sent emails/word of mouth that they have completed their travel plans also. I am very thrilled to know that Epsilon will be well represented at the convention in New York.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Epsilon State at Seven Months

Wow! Seven months have passed since the Executive Committee of 2012-2014 began their term. The progress of our state has been phenomenal in the areas of communication, meeting attendance and technology.

GTM - Some sommittees have embraced the usage of Go-To-Meeting as a viable option for conducting the business of the state. Positive comments have been sent concerning the ability to meet from their homes without the expense and time of travel. Please continue to consider GTM as a resource available to all of Epsilon.

Epsilon website - The launch of our new website has proven to be beneficial and positive for our state. The inclusion of pictures and sections directed at specific information and forms brought rave reviews from our members.

Attendance - District meetings were attended this year by many of our members who expressed their enthusiasm to learn and participate in the activities of the events.

Epsilon Executive Committee and chairs continue to seek new and innovative ways along with reinforcing existing projects/programs for the advancement of our state organization. Thank you all for "trying/experimenting" with the many requests made of you as members, chairs, officers.