Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Epsilon State at Seven Months

Wow! Seven months have passed since the Executive Committee of 2012-2014 began their term. The progress of our state has been phenomenal in the areas of communication, meeting attendance and technology.

GTM - Some sommittees have embraced the usage of Go-To-Meeting as a viable option for conducting the business of the state. Positive comments have been sent concerning the ability to meet from their homes without the expense and time of travel. Please continue to consider GTM as a resource available to all of Epsilon.

Epsilon website - The launch of our new website has proven to be beneficial and positive for our state. The inclusion of pictures and sections directed at specific information and forms brought rave reviews from our members.

Attendance - District meetings were attended this year by many of our members who expressed their enthusiasm to learn and participate in the activities of the events.

Epsilon Executive Committee and chairs continue to seek new and innovative ways along with reinforcing existing projects/programs for the advancement of our state organization. Thank you all for "trying/experimenting" with the many requests made of you as members, chairs, officers.

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