Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 2: Scholarships Available

Epsilon State DKG is blessed to have an abundance of scholarships available throughout our state for educators. Many members are not aware of the vast offering of financial assistance for continuing their personal and professional educational goals. This series will give all members greater insight into the women of Epsilon who were passionate about our Society and education by having the foresight to donate/contribute/bequest funds for members that they may never have the opportunity to meet. What a wonderful legacy to pass along.

1.          1.   May A. Allen Travel/Study Scholarship through Tulane  University

2.   Grace B. Agate Scholarship to LSU

3.   Mary Thornton Scholarship

4.   Alma Levins Scholarship

5.   Lessie Moore Scholarship

6.   Eleanor Blatterman Scholarship

7.   Bea Davis Scholarship

8.   Charlotte Jaynes Scholarship

9.   Past Presidents Travel/Study/Special Projects Stipend

    10. State Founders Scholarship for Doctoral or Post ¬Doctoral Study

11. Frances Wilson Scholarship

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