Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Judy Rongey shares her New York trip hints and tips

 Here are some things we enjoyed in New York last week:

We did a downtown tour which included wall street and the first Capitol. This walking tour included the boat ride to the statue of liberty. We got to go through the reserve line by passing about a 2 hour wait. The company was and the cost was $25for each adult.

We enjoyed the museum of natural history which is across the street from central park. There were lots of rocks, minerals and fossils. My husband and my 12 year old niece loved the large rock and mineral specimens . Admission was $33 which included four attractions: IMAX, underwater flouroscent exhibit, and two other shows. You don't have to do all the exhibits. We liked the IMAX show about monkeys and elephants. Then we did the carriage ride around Central Park $50 for 40 minutes.

 We enjoyed eating at a 50s diner called Ellen's Stardust Diner. The wait staff entertain you while you eat. The diner is at broadway at 51st st.
 We visited the Empire State Building at night around 7 p.m.I believe it was less crowded than the day. We paid to go all the way to the top at 102 floors. It was cold at the top. You will need a jacket.

We went to the tickets' outlet at times square to get discounted broadway show tickets. We got tickets at 50% off for Sister Act. These tickets go on sale at 3 pm for the night of the show. We waited about 45 minutes to buy our tickets. You have to check the board to see what is discounted that day. There is no guarantee what shows will be available. I would have a couple of choices. We ordered Mary Poppins on line and paid full price. The theater seats were about in the same location as Sister Act.

We walked a lot and bought a week pass for the subway. The pass was the way to go. Just get a map of the lines. You can go about any where from times Square. We took the taxi to and from the airport only. 

We also visited Chinatown, visited Bronx Zoo, FAO Schwartz, M & M shop, union Square farmers market, and saw Blue Man Group. We walked by the 911memorial but you need to get tickets on line before you go.

Things we didn't get around to were Madison Square Gardens or Rockefeller Center.

Hope you have a wonderful visit.

Judy Rongey

Monday, June 18, 2012

Chapter members: Making a difference in the life of my new president!

Many chapters are in the process of "sundowning" their previous chapter president and getting ready for the new president taking over July 1. As this time quickly approaches, I would like to encourage members to assist the new president or the returning president. As an active member, you will play a major role in helping your new president do her job to the fullest. Below are some suggestions for members to follow as July 1 approaches:

Be receptive to new ideas
Accept new or different positions on committees
Make it a point to attend all meetings
Volunteer to present a program for a monthly meeting
Plan to attend the district meeting and state convention
Send an email to your president July 1 thanking her for accepting this position
Find out the date of your president's birthday and send an email, card or gift
Offer words of encouragement at chapter meetings

Monday, June 11, 2012

Part 5 of 5: Incoming Chapter Presidents: Where do I want to take my chapter?

Chapter presidents were asked to comment on "Where do I want to take my chapter?" Below are some of the comments expressed by the presidents.

  1. I want to increase membership, enthusiasm, attendance, and participation and initiate new members.
  2. To enrich our chapter meetings through "challenging progamming", entertaining and efficient use of our time.
  3. I want my chapter to grow and be more involved with the public.
  4. I want my chapter to be more involved in the current issues.
  5. I would like my chapter to become more involved - have more members attend district meetings and state convention.
  6. I hope to take my chapter into our community!
  7. I would like for us to reach out to the children and new teachers in our parish in many and varied ways.
  8. To remain strong.
  9. To feel that as a member we are making a difference.
  10. I want a larger, more involved, dedicated group working for children in our parish
  11. To be more involved in the community, district and state.
  12. I would like to bring encouragement to our members and develop new leaders.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Part 4 of 5: Incoming Chaper Presidents: Challenges

Some small groups doing too much
Recuiting new or younger members
$$$$ - the economy
Retaining and reinstating members
Creating pride in membership
Addressing a wide variety of interests (due to age differences)
Involving everyone
Including a diversity of people, levels, ages, . . . .
Meeting suggestions
Legislative voice

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Part 3 of 5: Incoming Chapter Presidents: Obstacles

Member's hesitation to step up
Status quo
Fear of political action
Aging chapters - not connecting/being proactive
Energizing members
Over extention
Education regulations
School-added paperwork
Money (Dues, donations, etc.)
Place to meet
Lack of technology usage
Too many demands on teachers
Family obligations
Boring programs
Disorganized meetings - CHAOS
Lack of public awareness
People saying "no"

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Part 2 of 5: Incoming Chapter Presidents: Strengths

Service to community
Dedication to profession
Strong history
Experienced members passing legacy to the next generation
Working together to achieve common goals
Financial support
Recognition of accomplishments
Dedicated members
Develop leadership skills of members
Network of resources
Touching people all over the world
Willingness to serve, help out
Support system
Common goals
Literacy projects
Ability to accommodate various interests of all members through use of end-of-year survey

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Part 1 of 5: Chapter Presidents: Joys

Rapport with teachers and other schools
Encouragement from other members
Accomplishments from projects and service
New members (Young)
Sisterhood/Developing relationship
Giving back to the community
"Donna" not "Mama or Mrs. Adams" or "honey"
New Ideas
Joy of making a difference through community projects, scholarships and legislation
Social activities
Pride in membership
Offortunity for professional development
Sense of accomplishment

Monday, June 4, 2012

Incoming chapter presidents

Epsilon State incoming chapter officers attended a state leadership training yesterday in Leesville at East Leesville Baptist. Approximately 140 members were in attendance for workshops which equipped attendees with information for their new positions.  The event was a huge success!

During the presidents workshop, attendees were asked to give information in five areas: (1) Where do I want to take my chapter, (2) Joys, (3) Strengths, (4) Challenges, (5) Obstacles. During this week the information compiled from the chapter presidents will be part of a series of the blog and will give you an insight into many of the discussions during the workshop.