Monday, June 18, 2012

Chapter members: Making a difference in the life of my new president!

Many chapters are in the process of "sundowning" their previous chapter president and getting ready for the new president taking over July 1. As this time quickly approaches, I would like to encourage members to assist the new president or the returning president. As an active member, you will play a major role in helping your new president do her job to the fullest. Below are some suggestions for members to follow as July 1 approaches:

Be receptive to new ideas
Accept new or different positions on committees
Make it a point to attend all meetings
Volunteer to present a program for a monthly meeting
Plan to attend the district meeting and state convention
Send an email to your president July 1 thanking her for accepting this position
Find out the date of your president's birthday and send an email, card or gift
Offer words of encouragement at chapter meetings

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