Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Epsilon Educational Resolution

Epsilon State Organization of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

Submitted to:  Governor Jindal,
                          Members of the Louisiana House of Representatives and
                          Members of the Louisiana Senate


WHEREAS: Tenure was established to solidify and stabilize the longevity of our profession for educating our youth in Louisiana as well as keeping effective teachers in our Louisiana classrooms and.
WHEREAS: The Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana has been a strong entity in itself and
WHEREAS: Public Education has a premiere curriculum and methodology for addressing individual needs of students via the teachers, counselors, ancillary professional services and administrators. Charter schools, being separate entities, will be inhibited in their ability to provide services superior to our public schools because of limited resources and
WHEREAS: The voucher system is misleading the public by giving them the perception students will receive equal services for transportation, food services, and ancillary services.  Private and parochial schools are not mandated to provide free and appropriate education.
WHEREAS: Non-public schools are not held to the same strict accountability guidelines and standards as our Louisiana Public Schools.

RESOLVED, that tenure should remain as status quo to ensure a solid educational foundation for all students of Louisiana.  Tenure provides students with a stable professional educational work force. (We do not support HB974/SB603.)
RESOLVED, that the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana should stand alone and not merge with other Louisiana retirement systems.(HB60)
RESOLVED, that We do not support diverting public funds to charter schools.(SB597)
RESOLVED, that We do not support diverting public funds for vouchers. (SB182 or HB895)
RESOLVED, that  We support all schools receiving public funds be mandated to abide by the same  uniform set of guidelines and standards of accountability as public schools. (SB179)

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Epsilon State of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International whose membership represents 2,006 key women educators from across the state of Louisiana voice our concerns regarding proposed educational legislation.  As professional educators, our mission for the year 2012 and beyond is to embrace our future to include tenure, retirement, accountability for all, and public schools with ample funding without the loss of funds due to charter schools and vouchers.  As dedicated key women educators, our primary concern is for excellence in education for Louisiana students.  Our country has been built on our public education system.  We do not want to lose
sight of our founding fathers’ visions for making a better future for each and every Louisiana student.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Epsilon State Convention - HUGE Success

Thank you ladies for attending the state convention in Baton Rouge this past weekend. As many of you (300+) are aware the weekend was filled with handling the business of the state, dressing up (Hats, gloves, formal wear), attending workshops and fellowship. Business of the state conducted will be shared via this blog throughout the next two weeks. Please read and familiar yourself with the items from the state level which affect DKG, education, etc. Donnis

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Convention checklist

In preparing for state convention there are a few items that I always pack. So, check my list against your list and come prepared. Also, send me any suggestions on items that you think may be essential elements also.
  • Hat and gloves for Birthday Luncheon
  • Money for purchases (Theme basket/Jubilee Roses/World Fellowship)
  • Bible
  • Clothes for weekend
  • Camera/iPhone chargers
  • Labels with name/phone number/chapter for easy ticket fill-ins
  • Name card holder - hanging or clip on (If you have one you prefer to use)
  • Get cell phone numbers of your roommates upon arrival
  • Chocolate/candies/drinks for the late night roommate discussions
But most of all - a desire to have a wonderful time connecting with old friends and making new ones. See you all in Baton Rouge.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 Convention Registrations

State convention registrations top 280. Convention co-chairs, Diane Vickers and Bertha Hinojosa are working extremely hard to finalize all aspects of the convention. Please send in your registrations if you have not done so already.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cornetet Recipients

Special congratulations to three Epsilon members who recently received Cornetet Professional Development Awards.  Cornetet awards are available for members and non-members who need professional development assistance. Great job ladies.
  • Jennifer Coriell - Beta Sigma $850 (National  Board Certification)
  • Glenda Donohue - Eta $1000 (NCTM Annual Meeting)
  • Donna Patten - Eta $1000 (NCTM Annual Meeting)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Congratulations Dr. Stacy Potter

Dr. Stacy Potter has been chosen to attend the 2012 Golden Gift Leadership Seminar in Austin, Texas. Stacy's participation in this event will be enhanced by workshops, travels, networking and making new friends who come from around the US and sister countries. Golden Gift Seminars are held every biennium for two weeks. Seminar training is  valued at $6000 per participant. Congratulations Stacy. Get ready for a great time.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


At the onset of the REACH pin sales, 500 were purchased and arrived June 14,2011. Ok, pins are complete and in hand - now what! The goal was to sell the first 150 to reclaim the initial investment of $750 - goal achieved. Second order placed in the fall! Additional 500 are in hand. As of February 1, 2012, the second investment of $750 has been reclaimed. VICTORY!!! REACH finances to date are as follows: 1000 pin investment at a cost of $1500, investment reclaimed, $1205 donated to Bea Davis Fund for state leadership, pins sold 541. Total sales to date $2705. Many thanks to Jennifer Coriell for spearheading the project by collecting the orders and keeping me on track.

I was asked a question by someone very near and dear to me (tall, great looking guy - you take it from there) at the onset of this project "if I thought that the pins would sell?" my comment was: Women of Epsilon State are supportive and passionate about our organization and the projects - yes they will sell. Thank you for assisting in this project and the ongoing goal of selling the remainder of the 459 for the Bea Davis Fund.

Monday, March 5, 2012

What DKG means to me: Stacy Potter, Theta, Northeast District

In December 1999, I was honored to be asked to join Delta Kappa Gamma by Betty Elkins. In April of 2000, I was initiated into Phi Chapter and instantly selected as the Newsletter Editor. The next year, I was selected to become President for the chapter. I, then, transfered to Theta Chapter in 2004 and was selected for President in 2006. In 2010, I was reelected President. I have been to every district and state meeting, with the exception of one state meeting as I was due to have my daughter that month. I did, however, try my best to get there, but my family was not moving on the decision since my due date was two weeks away from the convention date.
I enjoy going to all the meetings, but especially the state meetings as I get to see friends from other areas of the state. When going to state meeting, I travel with my mom (Charlotte King), Lori Myers, and Gene Cosentino. We laugh and tell stories a lot in the car rides, but most of all, we tell Gene that she is going to be left at the state meetings because she wins too many baskets. This year I am excited to bring a first timer to the convention, Kay Bradford. I am looking to get her to become a regular to all state meetings.
Some of the challenges that I have faced are finding the time to do all the work that is required by the Chapter President while being District Director. Also, with my mom breaking her leg and the amount of work being required in my job, there is little time I get to spend with my family. Trying to find a good balance between everything is difficult at times; however, it is a blessing when I can balance it all. Through all the challenges presented to me, I am grateful to God for an understanding husband and family who help me through the craziness.
I believe for a new member, there are numerous opportunities for them to excel in their job as well as their own goals. DKG can help in so many ways such as financially and mentally. The friends created through DKG are friends that will be there in good and bad times. If you think you've been there, just talk with a DKG sister and I promise you are not alone. I am grateful for every DKG sister and hope that each one of you are blessed by being in this organization as I have been for the past 12 years.

Friday, March 2, 2012

What DKG means to me: Hope Hebert, Alpha Epsilon, Southwest District

 My name is Hope Stoute Hebert and I was initiated into the Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma on September 26th, 2007.  It was such an honor to be asked to join this organization by my third grade teacher, Juliette Langlinais.  I was thrilled that she thought I would be an asset to the Alpha Epsilon Chapter.  On that day my life would change forever.  Just eight months later I would be elected to be President of Alpha Epsilon and I took on the job with a smile and lots of enthusiasm.  I guess I did a good job because I was elected to be President again.  I have to say it has been an extraordinary experience to be President for two bienniums, and a job I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of the four years I have been President of our Chapter.  I was able to host a District Meeting, go to three State Conventions, present at a State Convention, attend Bea Davis Leadership training, attend many District Meetings, serve on the State Membership Committee, and Chair the State Personal Growth and Services Committee.  I have been a busy girl but this came with many rewards.  Personal Growth, confidence, new friendships, a bond with fellow educators, and quality time with women who have influenced my life to make me all that I am today are just a few of the rewards.  I have three beautiful daughters and a husband who are very supportive of what they call my extracurricular activities.  I give a lot of time to Delta Kappa Gamma and the Junior League of Lafayette.  I know the girls admire my volunteer service and offer to help often with tasks for meetings and events.  I feel that they are learning a valuable lesson on giving back to community, education, and being of service to others.  I want them to be proud of the things I do, just as I am proud of all their accomplishments.  Time is a challenge for me but I have learned to manage it well over the past few years.  I just always remember to put family first and then the rest just falls into place.  I have an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when I think back on the past five years as a member of Delta Kappa Gamma.  Wow, the places I’ve been, friends I’ve made, and opportunities I’ve had have been tremendous.  I truly love this organization and I can’t wait to see what the future in it will bring my way.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What DKG means to me: Donna Adams, Beta Sigma, Central District

I am Donna Adams. In 2004, I was initiated into the Beta Sigma Chapter of Delta Kappa
Gamma in Leesville. A year later, as a result of my husband retiring from Active Duty
in the US Army, my family moved back home to North Carolina. I soon transferred my
membership to the Beta Upsilon chapter of North Carolina. At our September 2005
meeting, I shared with our members about the devastation Hurricane Rita had caused in
Leesville just a short time after Hurricane Katrina had displaced many families to
Leesville. The true heart of Delta Kappa Gamma was shown to me that day as the women
took up a donation (of just over $500) to send to my former chapter, Beta Sigma, to be
used to supplement their efforts in the community's time of need. What a great
example of how the members of Delta Kappa Gamma members truly live up to the first
purpose of our society: To unite women educators of the world in a genuine spiritual
fellowship. I have since returned to Beta Sigma, an important part of my “home” in
Leesville where I currently serve as our chapter’s 1st Vice President. Our chapter
donates underclothes and school items to each school in the parish, sponsors
a "Bunnies and Books" program for homeless families in our parish, supports a
graduating senior who is majoring in education, and recognizes its members for school
and community activities. I am blessed to be a member of a group of educators who
truly care about each other, the children in our school system, and the people in our