Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Epsilon Educational Resolution

Epsilon State Organization of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

Submitted to:  Governor Jindal,
                          Members of the Louisiana House of Representatives and
                          Members of the Louisiana Senate


WHEREAS: Tenure was established to solidify and stabilize the longevity of our profession for educating our youth in Louisiana as well as keeping effective teachers in our Louisiana classrooms and.
WHEREAS: The Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana has been a strong entity in itself and
WHEREAS: Public Education has a premiere curriculum and methodology for addressing individual needs of students via the teachers, counselors, ancillary professional services and administrators. Charter schools, being separate entities, will be inhibited in their ability to provide services superior to our public schools because of limited resources and
WHEREAS: The voucher system is misleading the public by giving them the perception students will receive equal services for transportation, food services, and ancillary services.  Private and parochial schools are not mandated to provide free and appropriate education.
WHEREAS: Non-public schools are not held to the same strict accountability guidelines and standards as our Louisiana Public Schools.

RESOLVED, that tenure should remain as status quo to ensure a solid educational foundation for all students of Louisiana.  Tenure provides students with a stable professional educational work force. (We do not support HB974/SB603.)
RESOLVED, that the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana should stand alone and not merge with other Louisiana retirement systems.(HB60)
RESOLVED, that We do not support diverting public funds to charter schools.(SB597)
RESOLVED, that We do not support diverting public funds for vouchers. (SB182 or HB895)
RESOLVED, that  We support all schools receiving public funds be mandated to abide by the same  uniform set of guidelines and standards of accountability as public schools. (SB179)

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Epsilon State of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International whose membership represents 2,006 key women educators from across the state of Louisiana voice our concerns regarding proposed educational legislation.  As professional educators, our mission for the year 2012 and beyond is to embrace our future to include tenure, retirement, accountability for all, and public schools with ample funding without the loss of funds due to charter schools and vouchers.  As dedicated key women educators, our primary concern is for excellence in education for Louisiana students.  Our country has been built on our public education system.  We do not want to lose
sight of our founding fathers’ visions for making a better future for each and every Louisiana student.

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