Wednesday, March 7, 2012


At the onset of the REACH pin sales, 500 were purchased and arrived June 14,2011. Ok, pins are complete and in hand - now what! The goal was to sell the first 150 to reclaim the initial investment of $750 - goal achieved. Second order placed in the fall! Additional 500 are in hand. As of February 1, 2012, the second investment of $750 has been reclaimed. VICTORY!!! REACH finances to date are as follows: 1000 pin investment at a cost of $1500, investment reclaimed, $1205 donated to Bea Davis Fund for state leadership, pins sold 541. Total sales to date $2705. Many thanks to Jennifer Coriell for spearheading the project by collecting the orders and keeping me on track.

I was asked a question by someone very near and dear to me (tall, great looking guy - you take it from there) at the onset of this project "if I thought that the pins would sell?" my comment was: Women of Epsilon State are supportive and passionate about our organization and the projects - yes they will sell. Thank you for assisting in this project and the ongoing goal of selling the remainder of the 459 for the Bea Davis Fund.

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