Monday, June 11, 2012

Part 5 of 5: Incoming Chapter Presidents: Where do I want to take my chapter?

Chapter presidents were asked to comment on "Where do I want to take my chapter?" Below are some of the comments expressed by the presidents.

  1. I want to increase membership, enthusiasm, attendance, and participation and initiate new members.
  2. To enrich our chapter meetings through "challenging progamming", entertaining and efficient use of our time.
  3. I want my chapter to grow and be more involved with the public.
  4. I want my chapter to be more involved in the current issues.
  5. I would like my chapter to become more involved - have more members attend district meetings and state convention.
  6. I hope to take my chapter into our community!
  7. I would like for us to reach out to the children and new teachers in our parish in many and varied ways.
  8. To remain strong.
  9. To feel that as a member we are making a difference.
  10. I want a larger, more involved, dedicated group working for children in our parish
  11. To be more involved in the community, district and state.
  12. I would like to bring encouragement to our members and develop new leaders.

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