Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scholarship Series Part 3: Minimum Requirements

1.   Members must be in good standing of a Louisiana chapter and have been a  member for two years  by January 15th of the year  application is made.

2.   Must be planning to do graduate work in an approved institution of higher learning which offers a graduate degree in the field in which the applicant plans to study.
3.   Must meet reasonable standards as far as general health, professional services, and community services.
4.   Importance is attached to the contributions of the applicant to Delta Kappa Gamma.
5.   May A. Allen applicant shall:
·         hold at least a Master’s degree,
·         have a minimum of five years of successful teaching experience,
·         have a minimum of three years active membership in Delta Kappa Gamma, and
·         have a record of outstanding service to Delta Kappa Gamma.
6.    State Founders Scholarship applicant shall:
·         be enrolled in a doctoral program or in post­doctoral study at an approved institution;
·         have been a member of a Louisiana chapter for a minimum of five years;
·         have served her chapter, district, and/or state in an outstanding manner.

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