Friday, April 26, 2013

Epsilon State Annual Report 2013 Part 3 of 4

34 chapters have projects which support early career educators. Below are some of the ideas:
(1) We give a $100 scholarship to the top UNO graduate in early childhood each year.

(2) We decided to host a "New Teacher Shower" for a young lady now teaching in our parish.  We also have a Christmas auction to raise money for our scholarship fund that is awarded to a graduating high school senior planning to enter the field of teaching.
(3)  "We give new teachers gifts that will help them in classroom.

(4) We provide a meal to RICE students (future teachers) that come to help our school system during their break."

(5)"Our November meeting will focus on early-career educators-education majors at Northwestern State University; learn how our chapter can provide support to these students, then make plans to carry out activities that support these students.

(6) The chapter will also provide ""goodie bags"" for teachers during testing period in the spring. "

(7) We provide a "Grant In Aid" to one or more of the new teachers yearly. New teachers in Bossier Parish are invited to attend a DKG meeting. Those attending and names of new teachers submitted by members are then entered into a drawing. Prior to the drawing the members determine how many grants we will give and for what amounts. This varies yearly as our donations fluctuate. Alpha Rho gave four $50 grants to four new teachers this year. The money is given in the form of a check and the recipient then purchases items for her classroom.
(8) "Our chapter supports first year teachers in our community by  giving a 100 gift to a new teacher. It is to be used to help start off the year with new supplies. "

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