Sunday, April 28, 2013

Epsilon State Annual Report 2013 Part 4 of 4

13 chapters have developed ways to support Schools for Africa. Below are some of their ideas:

(1) Take donations from members at meetings.

(2) We have allotted money in our budget for support of the project.
(3) Our chapter provides monetary funds for a local high school's Student Council to mail books to an African school. 
Ways chapters are "strengthening the buzz" in the local media.
(1)  Our chapter has meetings and special events highlighted in our local newspaper.  We strive to send articles and pictures of events as they occur.
(2)  Our "Excellence in Education"" awards have been publicized in the local media.
(3) We donate books, including the current DKG award-winning book, to local libraries, including that of McNeese State University, in memory of deceased members of the chapter. We have made sure that the local media are aware of this, and have had photographs appear in the local  newspaper."
(4) We are striving to bring more awareness to our chapter by utilizing the outlet of our local media.  We are working toward submitting some of our chapter's activities to the local newspaper but nothing has been published as of yet.
(5) "Through our chapter newsletters;
(6) Volunteering at Education Day of the Zwolle Fiesta "
(7) We present a check to a new teacher of 100.00 at the school board meeting, there is a write-up in the local newspaper.

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