Sunday, March 31, 2013

Epsilon Order of the Magnolia receive special gifts

During our recent state convention, past presidents received a special gift - a piece of jewelry from Wanda Gunn's collection. Cooper Knecht and Anne Anderson were instrumental in making this special moment happen during our convention. This year's convention was also a special time for the Wanda Gunn Scholarship. The information and guidelines for the "Wanda Gunn Live and Learn Stipend" were shared with the participants. Please take advantage of this special scholarship opportunity.

Wanda Gunn was a success in all aspects of her life. Her beauty, insightful qualities and leadership skills will always be remembered. Thank you Cooper and Anne for your thoughtfulness and generosity in the presentation to members of the Order of the Magnolia. I cherish the blue flower that I received and wear it with honor. Donnis

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