Thursday, August 4, 2011

Planning for chapter meetings

Many chapters will kickoff the year with meetings in the very near future. My chapter, Beta Sigma will hold its first meeting on August 29. What an exciting time! We gather to meet once again with friends whom we share a common bond - Delta Kappa Gamma. Scheduling and planning a chapter meeting is a task which requires time and effort on the part of the officers and hostesses. Some essential documents which should always be present at your chapter meetings are: (1) Agenda (2) sign-in sheet for members. Trying to lead/conduct a meeting without an agenda is similar to driving a car without a steering wheel! It is just about impossible! Members need to know the topics of discussion. Essential items on an agenda are: Time, date, location, chapter name, facilitator, schedule of topics (Finance, minutes, etc.), presenter names, special upcoming events, dates, etc. Sign-in sheets are a component that many chapters may not use. But serve a purpose in tracking member attendance (Example: Attendance award justification). Roll call may also be another method just as effective. All meetings are an exciting time for members. So take the time to plan accordingly. Programs should be interesting/informative/innovative.

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