Friday, August 19, 2011

Executive Committee Series: Part 4 Who is the Second Vice President

Pam’s Story

Pam was born in Monroe, Louisiana and has lived in Mississippi and Texas also.  She loved moving to new places with her two sisters and parents when her Dad transferred with his career.  She knew each new place would have more great friends and teachers.  The “road” that led Pam to her career in education began with her love of being a student.  She attended Louisiana College the summer following her junior year at New Iberia Senior High School, graduated a semester early from NISH and returned to LA College to major in art and history.  Two years later she transferred to Northwestern State University and completed a degree in Home Economics. After her three children, Christopher, Jennifer and Joseph, were born Pam returned to her NSU and earned her MS in Early Childhood Education. 

According to her husband, Brian, “when she’s not teaching kindergarten, she’s talking it!”  Pam Bond, alias “Krazy-in-Love-with-Kindergarten,” absolutely loves teaching kindergarten.  Pam begins her thirty-first year in the classroom and each year just gets better.  Pam has found that she can combine many of her many interests while teaching rather than having to select only one interest as a career venue...  She teaches art theory such as 3D perception, line and highlight techniques as she instructs five year olds to illustrate stories they have written.  She also uses history to expand their understanding of the hows-and-whys of their world.  Pam embraces new ideas to guide her students to become successful readers, authors, illustrators, patriotic citizens and mathematicians. 

Brian and Pam Bond have been married for fourteen years.  They have a total of four adult children whose careers span the oil and gas industry, healthcare and industrial heating and air. Joseph is pursuing his business degree at Texas A&M.  Five of their eight grandchildren are very successful students in seventh, fifth, third, second and pre-K levels. Brian is a pharmacist who serves on the Louisiana State Board of Pharmacy.  Pam and Brian are active members of Nolley Memorial Methodist Church in Jena where Pam sings second soprano in the Nolley Chancel Choir, is a member of The Grace Notes, the hand chime group and a member of the United Methodist Women.

Now for some lagniappe!  Pam thoroughly enjoys presenting professional development workshops/seminars and programs and sharing information with other educators. She and three other members of her chapter are devoted to water aerobics.  They also have a pass-a-long reading system so they can have a plethora of reading materials from romance, suspense, and supernatural novels to People!  And, of course, Pam LOVES shopping! 

Pam values her membership in The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International among the most treasured parts of her life.  It combines so many factors that she holds dear.  Most dear to Pam’s heart are the many friends she has met throughout the state and nation.  She enjoys serving on the different levels of the Society to help build strong chapters and looks forward to this biennium as Epsilon State 2nd Vice President and Membership Chairman.

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