Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DKG chapters are a giving society! Are you applying for a chapter scholarship?

Reports shared with state presidents at SER revealed that a total of $1,646,735.91 were given in scholarships and Grant-in-Aid as of January 3, 2011. An amazing realization in this information is the amount of scholarships given at the chapter level. There were 502 scholarships awarded at the chapter level for a total of $149,659.02. What an accomplishment for chapters and member achievement! Great job chapters! These numbers are motivating to members seeking higher education to apply for scholarships at the chapter, state and international levels. DKG is a society which supports members through a variety of venues. Seek information from your chapter yearbook/calendar of events on the deadline and complete the form if you are a member currently pursuing a degree in higher education.

Supplemental information taken from SER President's Handbook 2011-2013. July 2011. Louisville, KY

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