Saturday, August 6, 2011

DKG Members of 5 years or less - What are they saying?

Delta Kappa Gamma International recently surveyed members who have been in the society for five years or less. The intent of the survey was to determine what appeals to this population. The results of the 160 members completing the survey are being used to change the process/offerings/dynamics of our Society in an effort to appeal to a broader range of members. The Society is a recipient of these efforts by greater communication, enhanced media (, and many more advances. Below are some of the results (Highest and lowest per survey question) of the survey which you will find interesting:

  1. Benefits of chapter membership: Highest: Collegiality and fellowship. Lowest: Opportunities to develop personal leadership capacity
  2. What attracted these members to DKG? Highest: Honor of membership. Lowest: Opportunity for monetary assistance for advanced degrees.
  3. Impacting education worldwide: Society activities achieve this vision? Highest: Early-career educator support/Community projects sponsored by DKG. Lowest: International convention.
  4. What motivates your commitment to the Society? Highest: Personal relationships. Lowest: Chance to present/publish in your field.
  5. Did your DKG Orientation adequately prepare you for membership in the Society? 80% replied YES.
  6. DKG electronic resources you found helpful. Highest: Go To Meeting. Lowest: Educator's Edge.
  7. DKG publications which inform your knowledge of the Society and its activities and influence. Highest: Chapter newsletter. Lowest: DKG@UN.
Wow! Are you surprised? Not me! Many of you are not. The methods of communicating/involvement are changing. These results are not exclusive to our members with five years or less. There is a great population of Epsilon (Active, retired) who agree with these results. Two major ones that I definitely know I agree with:
Chapter newsletter is the number one publication of the Society and collegiality and fellowship of membership. Have you ever attended a DKG meeting when you were exhausted/frustrated/mentally drained after a day at school and when you left you were renewed/inspired/rejuvendated? I have! Use what we learn to makes changes for the advancement/continued journey of your chapter.

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