Friday, August 12, 2011

Executive Committee Series: Part 1 Who is the Epsilon President!

Members ask me quite often where do you work? What is your job? To give an idea beyond the general description shared in the Deltion last spring announcing the nominations of the officers, I will begin an 8 part series on the individuals who make up the Executive Committee. You need to know about the ladies who lead your state organization. In working with these ladies from 1999 as a member and since June 17 as a member of the committee, I can say without hesitation they all possess exceptional qualities both from an educational/society background  to the personal qualities and characteristics of the highest standard.

Part I: Donnis - I will have to say that I am unique in the group when it comes to one item: I live in Hicks, Louisiana! While some of you do not know where this is - Let me give you a hint - I live one mile north of Fort Polk U. S. Army Base - Go Army!!!! Thank you soldiers for protecting us.

Education: Graduate of Hicks High School, Northwestern State University in Natchitoches with a BA in Business Education and Bellevue University with a Masters in Public Administration.

Occupation: Project Coordinator for Louisiana Community and Technical College System, Alexandria (Present)

Positions: Middle school history and business instructor (Leesville Jr. High School), high school business instructor (Leesville High School), grant writer (Yes, I do have the gift for gab).

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Paul  for 32 years and we have two daughters Amy and Jaclyn. We are truly blessed to have two wonderful son-in-laws (One of whom I taught in jr. high) and four precious grandchildren Addison, Stella, Heidi, and Coleman.

I am convinced that what we do should connect to who we are for success in life! My passions in life extend into many areas (Home, family, DKG, work) but one that I cannot do without - Christ. No matter where I am taken each day I do not start without prayer and bible study. This to me is more precious than breakfast! If I make an impression on anyone I do sincerely hope that it is that of a god-fearing woman. This is more information that I have ever shared about myself and it is sometimes difficult. But I do want each of you to know (Those that ask and those that don't) that I am just like all of you in one way or another.

The officer's of the state are retired, working women who have a passion about DKG. We are your leaders! Get ready for Part 2: Dolores

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