Wednesday, August 3, 2011

LSUA - Why is this college important to Epsilon State?

Have you ever wondered where the archives of Epsilon State are located? Some of you know the answer to this question but many do not! Louisiana State University in Alexandria is the location in which Epsilon State historical/genealogical/memoribilia are kept. Yes, Epsilon State has a history and you are a part of the story. The founders may have begun the state organization but the members have kept on continuing the dream.

Dot Akins, Past State Historian played a major role in updating the information and ensuring the preservation of the documents. Thank you Dot! Charlotte Elmer, has taken the position of 2011-2013 State Historian. Dot and Charlotte are members who possess a wealth of knowledge about our society. Our history will continue to "live on" through the efforts of these ladies. Thank you both for your dedication and commitment to Delta Kappa Gamma.

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