Thursday, July 28, 2011

Epsilon State is 59 Chapters Strong!

As of June 14, 2011 Epsilon State boasts a proud number of 59 chapters which make up our state organization. Chapters are created by members in areas from all over our state. Chapter memberships range from 8-70 in some districts. Some chapters are formed in rural, metropolitan, urban areas or schools in the state. Activities in the chapters may be those that are planned for various events and locations during the year. While some chapters may utilize a stationary method  in meeting (For example: meeting in the same place). No two chapters are alike! But all have a common bond of the membership that makes them unique in their own way!

While membership decline is an issue at the highest level of our Society it is not a secret that the decline has affected our state. Have we seen a decline in the chapters of Epsilon? Yes! In 2000 DKG International reported a total of 79 chapters for Epsilon State. That's a decline in Epsilon of 20 chapters over a ten year period! Let's stop the decline.  How can you help to keep your chapter STRONG and HEALTHY?
  • Attend meetings
  • Be a VOICE
  • Volunteer for jobs/tasks/events
  • Be a LEADER - accept a position in leadership  or ask to be placed in a position of leadership
  • Pay dues
  • Recuit new members
  • Recruit members who have dropped membership but now want to return
These are just a few of the suggestions that can assist members (the foundation of our Society) in creating stronger chapters. I am looking to all members as a KEY component for keeping your chapter in the forefront of activities at the local, district, state, and international levels. You are VITAL to the health of DKG! Donnis

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