Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Epsilon Travels to Louisville

"The time has come, the walrus says to speak of many things". I often use this phrase with my babies when I want to get their attention for something really important! So, I want to share with Epsilon something really important about Louisville.

Epsilon was represented by approximately 30 women in Louisville for SER. The week was packed with meetings, luncheons, breakout sessions, entertainment, speakers, and lots of hugs! The friendships created through DKG is strengthened each time we come together at chapter, state, regional or international meetings. What a wonderful society! Many items were discussed about ways to assist in  moving our state forward (Increasing membership, enhancing chapter programming, encouraging more members to step out [apply for scholarships, become presenters, apply for leadership seminars, etc.] and attending meetings beyond the chapter level).  Our state is well ahead in the development of committees, theme, transitions, etc. We are off and running! So, get ready to set your REACHing goals for the coming biennium. Join the fun as we all move Epsilon forward. Plan to attend New York in 2012. My REACHing goal is 50 from LA to shine in NY!


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