Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Epsilon's Abundant Supply of Presenters

During the June 18 transition's meeting in Pineville, district directors were charged with the task of utilizing district members as presenters during the breakout sessions. While some planning committees may opt to forego the breakout sessions, many will offer sessions for members attending that are informational, interesting, educational, etc. Epsilon State is overflowing with presenters who have talent in many areas. While traveling around the state for varied reasons  I have had the opportunity to talk with members and have been amazed at the talent and interests of members that would be an asset if shared through chapter, district, state, regional or international presentations. What to present! Well, some ideas on presentations could be:
  1. Technology: How to develop a blog, what is the correct email protocol about answering, (Answer within 24 hours) how do I develop a spreadsheet?
  2. Etiquette: Table, hosting a party, correspondence. There is a whole list of items that could be used for a presentation from this arena.
  3. Education: What is going on in your school that is working well? Do you have ideas to share that will assist an Early Career Educator in working with parents, students, mandates?
  4. Delta Kappa Gamma: Have you attended any of the programs offered by DKG? Golden Gift, submitted an article for the Bulletin? Attended the UN Conference in New York?
  5. Art/Graphics/Designs/Music: Are you an individual who is blessed with the ability to create/sing? Share your work with others through the breakout sessions.
These are just a few ideas that you might use in which to build a presentation. Do not think that you do not have something vital to offer members. Because I know that you do! As we go around the state during the "Fall Tour" I will be looking for many of you during the breakout sessions as presenters. You can do it!!! Don't hesitate to step forward and share your talent/experiences/knowledge with members of DKG - Epsilon.

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