Monday, July 4, 2011

Golden Gift - Are you ready to REACH!

Golden Gift application deadline is December 1. The opportunity to attend any leadership seminar (Golden Gift, Bea Davis) begins with the submission of an application. As a 2010 graduate of the Leadership Management Program I can say that this experience was one of personal and professional growth, and the opportunity to meet and get to know members from many different states and countries. The presentations and presenters are from the University of Texas at Austin. The entire seminar is housed on the campus for the two week period. I encourage any member who would like to attend this event, submit their application before December 1. It is very important that you remember to include all of your roles/event attendance/responsibilities in Delta Kappa Gamma since your initiation. So, begin NOW and REACH by submitting your application for the Golden Gift Leadership Management Seminar 2012.

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