Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Epsilon State Committees

Approximately 48 of the 59 chapters in Epsilon State are represented on the various committees of the state. As incoming president, one of the greatest challenges is the assignment of members to committees.  Throughout the five weeks of calling members every evening and on the weekends, sending numerous confirmation emails, etc. I was humbled to be able to talk with so many of the wonderful people who make our state so unique. With over 2,000 members strong we are fortunate to have so many who are willing to serve on a state committee.  The commitment as a member at the state level is to attend at least two state-wide meetings per year, assist in the development or continuation of committee assignments, goals or initiatives, and to present this information at the district meeting or at the state convention. These ladies are to be commended. If you have a member in your chapter who serves on a state committee, please take a moment and thank this person for saying YES to serve in the position as a committee member or chairman for this biennium. Donnis

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  1. Looks like you are off to a strong start Donnis! Best wishes to your state for your biennium.