Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DKG Elevator Speech

DIG members are encouraged to develop an elevator speech about the society which promotes, as well as, informs. I encourage you to create your elevator speech. Now, granted you may not get many chances to be in an elevator and someone ask you about DKG, but you will have the opportunity to share in your school, church, friendships, etc. So, great ready! You are a DKG member and you are a "Voice" for the organization which:
  • Has over 95,000 members internationally
  • Consists of 17 countries
  • Meets at the chapter, state, regional and international levels
  • Supports women educators
  • Has seven seats on the United Nations Board
  • Supports projects such as "Schools for Africa"
  • Offers financial assistance in educational pursuits for members and non-members
Wow! These are just a few of the talking points that you can use in creating your elevator speech. For more go to the international website and collect tidbits to share. You are the "best voice" for our state and international organization.

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