Friday, July 22, 2011

DKG Organizational Levels - Members are the KEY!

Are you aware that the International Convention (Members attending this event) is the highest authority in our society? The International Executive Board reports to the members at the International Convention. Yet, have the authority to adopt the budget, elect the trustees of the Educational Foundation, recommend policy and procedure, select dates/sites for international meetings, define regions/assign states, approve establishment of state organizations to regions, approve establishment of state organizations, procedures for possible dissolution, select International Achievement Award recipient, select international honorary members. The Administrative Board reports to the Executive Board whose responsibility is to carry out the plans and policies adopted by the international convention.

Wow! That's a lot of responsibility. But it is a process in which our members have created as a fair and objectional method in which to represent all members of our society. Learn more in the next blog about the additional levels at international. From the great state of Louisiana to the far reaching lands of Finland, we have a "voice" in DKG!

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