Saturday, July 23, 2011

DKG International Headquarters - Who's There!

As a member of Golden Gift Leadership Seminar a visit to the Society's headquarters is an item on the agenda during the two weeks in Austin. What an "eye opening" experience. This is a tour that I would like to recommend to any member visiting in Austin. The staff is very receptive to sharing indepth information about the organization that began in 1929. The memorabilia is displayed throughout the facility which show cases pins, photos, personal collections of the founders and persons throughout the Society's history.

The Executive Director, Corlea Plowman is responsible for the functions of the headquarters, as well as, serving as the Corporate Secretary. In addition to personnel (Linda Eller, Phyllis Hickey, Nina Scott) that you will see at SER or International Conventions. Behind the scenes are those members that "hold down the fort" while the others traveling handle the business of the society. So, take some time to visit the Society's headquarters or learn more at

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