Friday, January 13, 2012

“Stylin’ n Profiln’ ”
Submitted by: Nedra Tabor, Chi Chapter, SW District


Chi  Shoe Store

1929 Delta Kappa Gamma Blvd.

Epsilon, Louisiana 70380

(Sister Blister limps in while sales clerk is dusting)

Sales clerk:  “Hello, Sister Blister.  Can I help you?”

Sister Blister:   I don’t know.  My sole is really hurting. (points to foot).

Clerk:  Yes, I can see that you need help.

SB:  Oh, I am afraid I am beyond help.  You see, I’ve become calloused and I flatly refuse to think there is any hope for me.

Clerk:  Now, now, don’t talk that way.  You’ve taken a step in the right direction by coming here.  After all, our store belongs to the Relief “Sole-ciety and we specialize in taking care of “de-feet”. (points to the foot)

SB:  You do?  Well, I need a new pair of shoes.  Do you have something I would like?

Clerk:   Yes, but not just any pair will do.  You have very special problems so we need to be very careful in selecting the shoe that would be the best for you.  Let me introduce you to some of our most popular shoes.

(LOAFERS)   (poster with a picture of loafers and the word –loafers)( holding a covered shoe box with the word LOAFERS on the side of the box) (come out very casually and look bored)

SB:  This pair looks nice.

Clerk:  Yes, but they’re really just a couple of “loafers. “ They accepted the call to action, but they just refuse to get in step with the program. 

SB:  You’re right.  I guess I wouldn’t want them.

(Thongs/flip flops—poster – and shoebox--sort of flipping around)

Clerk:  Here’s another pair.  But I don’t think you’d want them.

SB:  Why not?

Clerk:  Well, sometimes they do what they are supposed to do and sometimes they don’t.  They flip flop all over the place and are not dependable.  They don’t seem to have enough substance to cover all angles.  They lack commitment.

(Sneakers peeking around the corner and comes out cautiously)(poster & shoebox)

SB:  Is that the pair for me?

Clerk:  No, I’m afraid not.  They’re just a pair of sneakers.  Oh, they do get out and intend to do things, but they are so tied up they do everything  at the last minute.  If you don’t treat them right they tend to develop a stinky attitude.

SB:  (shrugging shoulders and looking disgusted ) Well, I guess Keds will be Keds.

(Furry Slippers enter)(poster & shoebox)

SB:  Boy, they look great.  I bet they are very comfortable.

Clerk:  Yes, but don’t let their appearance fool you.  They’re one of the worst pairs.  Underneath that soft, warm surface is a cold heart.  They say they want to help and they offer their total support, but sooner or later you will find that these offers are flimsy and certainly not fur real.  Somehow, when you really need them, they always manage to just slip out.

(High Heels)(poster and shoebox)

SB:  My, but aren’t they stylish.

Clerk:   They do look good, but eventually  they will cramp your style and not hold you up over the long haul.  They may even become your arch enemy.
(PUMPS—looking nice, neat, smiling)

SB:  Wow, I think I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for.

Clerk:  Yes.  I think these would be great.  There would be room enough to allow you to be toe-tly  comfortable,  they do not have wagging tongues, and the heels are high enough to raise your self-esteem, but not so high that you would overwork your soles. 

Yes.  I think this is the pair for you.
…..and now, a little advice from the “shoe rack”….. something to “pump” you up!

Conclusion:  “Shoe-Rack”

(post the advice on the back of the shoebox so that it can be read to the audience)
Pumps: Get pumped up and maintain a positive outlook.  Being optimistic enables you to expect good things and will help you visualize what you can do, rather than things that you fear.  Developing confidence in your ability to solve problems and trusting your instincts helps build resilience.

Heels:  Dig in your heels and look for opportunities for self-discovery.  People often learn something about themselves when working in group dynamics.   Even though things get piled high and unbalanced, avoid seeing problems as insurmountable. You can’t change the fact that stressful events happen, but you can change how you interpret and respond to these events. 

Slippers:  Don’t let your fur get messed up!   Accept that change is a part of living.  Certain goals may no longer be attainable.  Accepting circumstances that cannot be changed can help you focus on circumstances that you can change.

Sneakers: Make connections.  Good relationships are like shoelaces, they are ties that bind.  Accept help and support from team members and be willing to help others.   Remember, group interaction does not include “wagging tongues.”

Flip flops: Don’t flip flop around.  Take decisive actions rather than detaching yourself from the problems and wishing they would just go away.

Loafers: Instead of standing still, move forward with your goals.  Develop realistic goals.  Do something regularly—even if it seems like a small accomplishment.  Instead of focusing on tasks that seem unachievable, ask yourself, “What’s one thing I know I can accomplish today that helps me move in the direction I want to go?

Clerk:  My friends, stylin’ n profilin’ that’s what we do for you today.
By: Nedra Tabor Chi Chapter, Professional Affairs Committee Presentation, November 7, 2011 

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