Friday, January 20, 2012

DKG Bulletin Winter 2012 Edition now online

Have you checked out the DKG Bulletin - Winter 2012 now available online at The Bulletin is an exceptional tool for educators seeking assistance with specific educational issues/populations/programs. The Winter 2012 edition is entitled Diverse Learners. DKG Bulletin is an impressive professional publication which has received the 2009 APEX award for publication excellence. Way to go DKG Bulletin!

I encourage each of you to submit an article, art, poem, etc. to the editorial staff. The experience of developing your work and to have a full editorial staff review/critique/approve was a "learning journey" for me as I submitted an article and was accepted for the Fall 2010 issue. Dr. Judith Merz is a leader in the field of educational publications and DKG members benefit from her excellence in this area as she leads the editorial staff in the selections of the items for each Bulletin.

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