Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Resolution - Creating and assisting chapters

Connie Savell of North Carolina and a member of my Golden Gift class of 2010 recently shared her great news concerning the development of a new chapter in her state. For some time, Connie has wanted to develop a chapter in her area consisting of educators who had the same goals as DKG but lacked a developed group of DKG members in the district in which she lived. First meeting was attended by 32 members (active, retired, reinstated) from Connie's georgraphic area who feel passionately about DKG and know the value of being a member of a society that promotes women in education.

Epsilon is looking for members to assist in developing/starting chapters throughout the state. Are you a member who aspires to create a chapter in a parish which currently does not have a chapter? Are you a member who feels strongly about assisting a chapter in need? Qualifications for this task- Belief in DKG, vision of the chapter development, willingness! Make a New Year's resolution to assist Epsilon in moving forward and upward. Email me at with your ideas and let's get started. You can do it!

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