Friday, September 9, 2011

MAPP Series 4: Elements and 13 Point Checklist

MAPP Elements

Active engagement
Processes and procedures
Program of Work

13 Point Checklist

K – Keeping existing members
E – Engaging new members
Y- Yourself

L – Leadership
o   Bea Davis
o   Golden Gift
O – Opportunities for service
o   Community
T – Training
o   State, district, regional, international
S – Scholarship
o   Who can apply?
o   What is available?
o   Giving scholarships
o   Fundraising

P – Parliamentary procedures
O - Oops!
o   FAQ session for when you need to know!
P – Plan
o   Calendar of events
o   Deadlines for chapter report to state

C – Committee responsibilities
A – Action strategies/activities
N - Networking

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