Wednesday, September 21, 2011

MAPP Series 10: "POP" with emphasis on O

We all make mistakes in meetings. Here are some of the common questions about procedures.

1.  Do I need a motion to approve minutes? No. Just ask for corrections. If there are none announce “The minutes are approved as read/printed.” If there are corrections, announce that the minutes are approved as corrected.

2. How does one make a motion? Say “I move….” Not “I make a motion that…”  

3. Do I need a motion to accept the treasurer’s report? No motion is needed; it is simply received as given.

4. Do we always need a second to a motion? No. If a recommendation comes from a committee or other group such as executive board, the speaker for the committee makes the motion and it is understood that the remainder of the committee seconds it.
5. What if an amendment is made to a motion? You must vote on the amendment and either accept or reject it. Then the group votes on the original motion, with or without the amendment. 
6. What is a “friendly” amendment? Someone might suggest the group agree to changie a word or intention of a motion by agreeing to do so without a vote. This is not acceptable. All amendments require a vote. 
7. Do we vote to reinstate a member or to accept a transfer? No.

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