Thursday, September 22, 2011

MAPP Series 11: "POP" with emphasis on P


1. Plan by creating a calendar of events for each year of your biennium be sure to include deadlines
2. Plan ahead for those deadlines. Get your officers and committee chairmen together to fill out the forms together.   

3. Plan to change your chapter rules the second year of your biennium. International Constitution and Standard Rules changes will necessitate changes in the State Bylaws. After state convention in March, the chapters will make appropriate alignments to their chapter rules with state and international documents.

4.  Plan ways to keep your meeting short. One complaint of members is that meetings are too long and sometimes repetitious. 
  • No one can speak more than 10 minutes for discussions and reports  
  • No one can speak a second time until everyone who wishes to speak a first time has spoken. The chair can facilitate
    new debate by asking, "Is there anyone who would like to speak who has not yet spoken?"  No one can speak more than twice on the same issue. 
  • Ask for a motion to end discussion. (2/3 vote)
  • Use a time keeper with cards to help speakers stay on schedule in a non-threatening way.
  • List start and end times for each item on the agenda.
  • Announce in advance the time the meeting will adjourn. Members often police themselves.

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