Friday, September 2, 2011

MAPP Series 1: Keeping members involved

MAPP is a project developed by the district directors of 2009-2011. In a series of post you will learn about KEY features/hints/topics that will assist your chapter in leading/developing/engaging members:

Keep current members involved through activities such as: 
·      Contact individuals through a telephone tree to remind them of meetings and to inquire about their well-being
·      Car-pool with others to the monthly, district, and state meetings
·      Recognize personal and professional achievements, honors, and accomplishments at meetings or through a special “spotlight” in the newsletter
·      Follow up with members via a phone call, note, or visit
·     Encourage members to present a program based on one of their special talents or hobbies
·     Send cards on special occasions
·     Consider establishing a special achievement award for distinctive serve to the chapter
·     Link retired teachers in a mentoring program with new teachers/members
·     Meet, greet, and share activities or icebreakers at each monthly meeting to become more acquainted with members
·     Collect books from members to donate to the classroom library of a new teacher/member

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