Thursday, December 1, 2011

Epsilon District Directors: Who are they?

District Directors (DD's) or area/regional coordinators/directors (as some states refer to them) are members appointed to serve at the district level by the incoming Epsilon President. DD's hold a unique position as that of liaison and representative for Epsilon State. Coordinating the district meeting with the host chapter is just one of the responsibilities of these individuals. You may think of these members as a state senator from a political standpoint or a department head in the school/college setting. DD's also read and sign the minutes for each state convention. Are all expenses paid for these individuals? No. Do these members go above and beyond the "call of duty"? Yes! As do all of our members!

Who are these unique individuals that you may see at state convention  "flitting about like a bee, dressed like Marilyn Monroe (Six at one time)"? Now you will know. Beginning December 2, you will get an opportunity to read about the DD's and their story as Donnis' Dialogue begins a six-part series on Epsilon District Directors: Who are they?

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