Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Epsilon District Directors Series Part 4: NW Kennie Barkley

I am the Northwest District Director for Delta Kappa Gamma, Epsilon State and Mu Chapter President. I was inducted into Delta Kappa Gamma in 2001. I was surprised and honored to be invited into this society of key women educators. When I first joined, Mu Chapter, the meetings gave me the opportunity to talk with and be mentored by really great teachers. Now the meetings give me the chance to be inspired by what others are doing. In 2005, my Delta Kappa Gamma sister and former high school English teacher, Mrs. Hope Cryar told me that I would be the next second-vice president. I was hesitant; how could I be a leader in our local society when the members were all teachers I looked up to? Mrs. Cryar just smiled, shook her head, and said, “Kennie, I did not ask a question. Besides Delta Kappa Gamma sisters never say no.” Mrs. Cryar was not even tall enough to reach my shoulder, yet all I could do was respond, “Yes, Mam.” After that I was asked to be first-vice president, and then president. Mrs. Cryar had passed away prior to my becoming president , but had willed her Delta Kappa Gamma pins back to Mu Chapter. I received and now wear her president’s pin. I will always treasure it.
I was born and grew up in Mansfield, Louisiana. I was named after my father, Kenneth. I graduated from Mansfield High School and then attended Louisiana State University in Shreveport. I met my husband, Steve, when I was in college. We married after we both graduated and moved to Mansfield. Later we moved to Stonewall, where our son Andrew attends school.

I have taught seventh and eighth grade reading, English, pre-algebra, and seventh grade science in DeSoto Parish. Currently, I am an Instructional Technology Coordinator for DeSoto Parish Schools. My focus is technology in middle and high schools.

When not at work, I volunteer at church where I serve on several committees. I also follow my son around to many school football and basketball games, not to mention all his youth activities. When I find a little quiet time, I enjoy reading on my Kindle or iPad. My husband and I also like to cruise in the Caribbean, where we enjoy snorkeling, tubing, and just sitting on beautiful beaches.

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