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United Nations Fact Sheet for DKG

Spring, 2012
Beginnings. In August of 1993 it was proposed by Anne-Marie Carlson of New York that The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International apply for Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) status with the Department of Public Information at the United Nations (UN/DPI) especially to help advance the Society Purpose #7: “To inform members of current economic, social, political, and educational issues so that they may participate effectively in a world society.” This proposal was supported by the Professional Affairs Committee, in September 1993 it was approved by the Program Committee, and an amendment to the International Standing Rules was submitted to the Constitution Committee. At the International Convention in July 1994 the membership in attendance approved that this amendment be added to International Standing Rules—Part 1. Affiliations. In June of 1995, Delta Kappa Gamma was granted NGO status with UN/DPI. Anne-Marie was appointed as the Society’s first primary representative, followed by Doris Salagi of New Jersey (1998-2000), Phyllis Hickey, then of Connecticut (2000-2006), and Dr. Rita King , New York (2006-2010). The current primary representative is Grace Murphy of New York , also an ex officio member of the Educational Excellence Committee.
In July of 2003, the Society was granted consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). This allowed our representatives to attend its conferences and also to expand our member involvement with the UN to seven official representatives. In the fall of 2010 the UN/DPI made it possible for its NGOs to have an additional representative. The Society may now have eight official representatives at the UN. All are entitled to attend policy briefings and other meetings held by DPI specifically for NGO representatives on a wide variety of subjects. Over the years several of our NGO reps have also attended annual DPI conferences held in different parts of the world. In addition, Anne-Marie Carlson was elected in 2009, and re-elected in 2010, as Vice-Chair of the NGO/DPI Executive Committee, which represents over 1500 NGOs around the world associated with DPI (See and click on Committee).
Delta Kappa Gamma Partnerships with UNICEF. For over fifteen years, directly after achieving NGO status, the Society has partnered with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF in support of education in developing countries. In 1996 the Gambia Project, which assisted girls to remain in school by providing funds for their education, was launched. In November 1999 we joined in the Pro-Maya Project to assist children and their schools in Chiapas , Mexico . In July 2003 the Society was invited to support a partnership for teacher education in Afghanistan . By June 2009 the final total raised for the Afghanistan project alone was $203,124, and altogether members have raised over $330,000 in support of UNICEF-related projects.
In 2009 a committee was appointed by then International President Dr. Carolyn Rants to recommend how the Society would move forward with a new project. After detailed study committee members proposed UNICEF’S Schools for Africa campaign, “a joint campaign funded by UNICEF and the Nelson Mandela Foundation to promote education for children in Africa . The campaign will increase access to quality basic education for children with a special focus on girls, orphans and vulnerable children.” This was approved as an official Society project at the International Convention held in Spokane in July 2010. Cathy Daugherty ( Virginia ), who had served as chair of the project selection committee, was appointed as contact person for the Schools for Africa project. To donate see
The Delta Kappa Gamma UN Liaison Network. At the 2002 International Convention, the International Executive Board voted to establish a UN Liaison Network. Each state organization president may appoint a UN Liaison to be kept up to date on Society involvement at the UN and to receive and disseminate important information. In the spring of 2004, as the Society celebrated the 75th anniversary of its founding, the NGO rep group began publication of a newsletter, DKG@UN, to keep members informed of the Society’s UN-related activities. Names and email addresses of state UN Liaisons should be sent to Margaret Anzul, Newsletter Editor.
Academic Impact Initiative. A new global initiative, known as Academic Impact, was launched in November 2010 by the Department of Public Information at the UN. This initiative involves universities and other academic institutions around the world in advancing the purposes of the UN, including specifically the Millennium Development Goals. Participants in this initiative are expected to undertake one new activity each year that will address at least some of the ten basic principles of Academic Impact. These principles, along with other background information and an enrollment form, may be found on the website Society members with a connection to an academic institution may wish to encourage the institution’s membership in Academic Impact as a way to implement global understanding.
The Formation of CTAUN. In 1996, Anne-Marie Carlson was invited to join a small group of educators representing different NGOs to focus on ways to teach about the United Nations. An organization named the Committee on Teaching About the United Nations (CTAUN) was formed as a result, made up of members of various NGOs with an interest in education, such as DKG, Kappa Delta Pi, AAUW, Rotary International, SOS Kinderdorf International, and UNA/USA. CTAUN consists of an Executive Committee of ten members and a larger group of volunteers who help support conferences and other activities. In 1998 CTAUN cooperated with other groups to organize a conference at the UN, but Anne-Marie became convinced that CTAUN should organize its own conferences. The first of these was held in 1999. Anne-Marie was Co-Chair of CTAUN from 1998-2002, and has been Chair since 2003.
To date CTAUN has organized thirteen conferences held at UN headquarters based on a variety of global issues. Five satellite CTAUN conferences have been held in Atlanta . Other satellite conferences included one held at Rutgers University , New Jersey and one co-sponsored by Kappa Delta Pi held in Indianapolis . Most recently a conference was held in Austin , Texas , co-sponsored by Delta Kappa Gamma, with a second Austin conference co-sponsored by DKG scheduled for September 22, 2012 . See the CTAUN website ( for additional information about CTAUN, summaries of past conferences, announcements of future conferences, and links to teaching resources for educators. In the spring of 2009, CTAUN was invited by UN/DPI to be a charter member of their group of “partner organizations” of the Academic Impact initiative.
Your UN Representatives
The members of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International listed below are your official representatives at the United Nations Department of Public Information and the Economic and Social Council. Most also work with CTAUN. You may email us for further information.
Grace Murphy, NY, Primary Representative and Vice Chair of CTAUN:
Anne-Marie Carlson, NY, Vice-Chair of the NGO/DPI Executive Committee and
Chair of CTAUN:
Cathy Daugherty, VA, Schools for Africa Program Facilitator:
Rita King, PhD, NY, Consultant to CTAUN:
Lochie Musso, NY, CTAUN Secretary:
Joan Goldstein, NY, DKG@UN Newsletter correspondent and CTAUN volunteer, Margaret Anzul, PhD, NJ, Newsletter Editor and UN Liaison Network Facilitator:

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