Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beta Tau Initiates Welcome By Suellen May Lamb

Many thanks to Suellen May Lamb for sharing this with Epsilon. Suellen composed the following for the recent initiation ceremony of Beta Tau Chapter.

Delta Kappa Gamma Initiation

On this special day,
Hold your head up high.
Devotion to your students,
No one can deny.
Students held in hearts,
United in their cause ;
Education’s challenges,
Your efforts never pause.

We’re happy you decided
To join our joyful band;
Key women educators
Reach out to take your hand.

As teachers, you’re the best;
No sacrifice too great.
Your excellence was noted.
Initiation cannot wait.

Delta Kappa Gamma
Our chapter, Beta Tau,
Welcome you as sisters.
Three cheers; hip, hip, hurrah!

By Suellen May Lamb

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