Monday, April 23, 2012

Epsilon Chapters Officers for coming biennium

Many chapters in our state are in the process of electing a new slate of officers for the coming biennium. In reading newsletters, some officers are being reinstated. Why is this an occurrence in our chapters? Throughout discussions with many of my Louisiana sisters along with presidents of the Southeast Region and my Golden Gift class we are not a unique state.

The challenges facing Delta Kappa Gamma are of two major areas: (1) The decline in membership [thus the decline of persons willing to accept a position of leadership], and (2) The reservations of members wanting to add more to their "plate of life" by accepting a position that requires their skill, knowledge, time and effort in leadership.

I ask all members to be receptive of the offer to serve a leadership role in their chapter. Membership in our Society is one of honor. Show yours proudly by "stepping up and leading the educators of your chapter". I can assure you that this experience may come with its challenges and difficulties but it will be one in which you grow as a leader and member of DKG.

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