Monday, November 28, 2011

Epsilon State launches new website!

Epsilon State Webmaster Maryanne Russell has worked extremely hard to transfer files/documents, learn a new website program (Wordpress), and make the changes recommended by the "website analysis group" to bring our state an updated/user-friendly source of electronic media for the members of the Society. Epsilon members will enjoy the ease of locating information, sending requests, and more on the new site. Some of the changes that you see are those of the layout, colors, information location and member contact information. In an effort to allow member input and options, members of the Executive Committee, Executive Board, and committees have been polled about their preference for listing information (addresses/phone numbers/email addresses) on the website. You will see the results of this action by the state in the committee listing section along with form contact info.

One of my favorites is the "What's Happening" section. Photos give members a glimpse into the events from around the state. As you peruse the website, our request is that you would make notes of the items that you like and send these comments to our webmaster. The "Contact Us" link located at the bottom of the menu bar (left-side panel) will offer you the ease of sending requests/photos/etc. So, don't delay! Add the icon to your desktop, on your phone and keep updated on the state and all that's happening at

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