Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blueprint for Chapter Leadership Legacy: Part I

DKG International has created a blueprint for our society leadership which departmentalizes chapter responsibilities into easy and understandable concepts. During a three-part series, you will receive information which will assist you in chapter evaluation. When information is given to us in large portions, it may be overwhelming to assimilate into easy and understandable terms for your chapter. Through the use of the blueprint, chapters can evaluate offerings/processes/growth potential.

The Storage Room

Record chapter history and periodically review DKG history at all three levels of Society.

The Study

Plan, monitor progress and communicate with members through newsletters, phone, email, website, etc.
Publicize Society through activities receiving mediate coverage and school/community recognition.
Create strategies for attracting, retaining and nurturing chapter members and leaders.
Review Society's mission, purposes and history.

The Bedroom

Ensure self-care and demonstrate self-care to members
A place to retreat, relax, refresh yourself and ensure that you balance your commitments to your family and friends, your work and your Society.

Taken from DKG 2011 Leadership Development Conference Manual.

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