Thursday, October 20, 2011

MAPP Series 18: CAN with emphasis on "N"

Networking  - Networking is the sharing of information/resources/energies for the benefit of oneself and others
  • Attend chapter meetings
  • Share D&D Weekly emails with your school personnel
  • Share "Red Rose Alerts" with your school personnel
    • All educators are interested in legislation that affects education in Louisiana
  • Present workshops at the chapter, district, state, regional and international levels - Share resources with fellow educators
  • Coordinate a meeting with another chapter in the district. Share resources/talents/locations. Many chapters in rural areas may not have the selection of various sites (Restaurants/Libraries/etc.) in which to meet. EXTEND the hand of sisterhood to other chapters and INCREASE the joy of being a member in DKG.
  • Have a meeting and assign members different items of discussion (Red Rose Alerts, D&D Weekly, Donnis' Dialogue, The Deltion, DKG International, etc.)

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