Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chapter Yearbooks are historical documents

Chapter yearbooks are a basic component of your chapter's history. The contents included (Member names, addresses, committees, hostesses, meetings, locations, topics, etc.) give an overview of the activities conducted by the chapter for a specific period of time. The style, size and creativity of design is unique to each chapter. The sizes may range from 8 1/2" x 11" to 4" x 6". Covers vary from those tied with ribbons to ones in which are spiral bound.  Essential components of chapter yearbooks are:
  • Chapter/state/International officers
  • Committee chairmen with members
  • District directors
  • Dates of interest: Chapter/District/State/International meetings/locations
  • Active and reserved: Chapter members with contact information
  • Delta Kappa Gamma song
  • Seven purposes of the Society
Chapter yearbooks (6) should be sent to Martha Turner, First Vice President no later than November 10 or bring to the district meeting. So, don't forget to update chapter yearbooks and submit to state.

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