Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MAPP Series 16: CAN with emphasis on "C"

Program Committee

·         Develop chapter Program of Work that focuses upon Society Purposes, Mission
·         Plan Program of Work to include projects, activities, and programs related to personal growth, service to others, professional affairs, legislation, research, music.
·         Plan year’s program using adopted international theme found in program manual.
·         Adjust focus to meet local needs, interest.
·         Use various programming techniques to present ideas to stimulate thinking that may develop into action.
·         Encourage maximum member participation by having as many different members as possible take part in programs.
·         Plan for observance of Founders Day, chapter birthday.
·         Prepare, distribute chapter yearbook to members.
·         Provide for use of programming.
·         Provide for use of music as integral part of programming.
·         Use music to enhance appreciation of Society’s goals and to give dignity, beauty to programs.

Personal Growth and Services

 ·         Recognize members’ needs, recommend programs, projects to aid individual growth.
·         Develop leadership among members.
·         Encourage participation in study groups concerned with economic, social, political, educational issues.
·         Encourage members to reach beyond themselves, their communities to help create genuine spiritual fellowship among women educators of the world.
·         Provide opportunities for developing better human relationships within community.
·         Encourage members to reach beyond themselves in service to communities.
Professional Affairs 

·         Develop interest, participation in activities designed to improve professional status of women educators.
·         Further a program of selective recruitment of teachers and cooperate with other groups in recruitment and retention of qualified educators.
·         Encourage chapter interest in the improvement of the professional status of women.


·         Encourage research of interest to those responsible for Program of Work as they design chapter programs, create chapter projects.
·         Suggest coordination with other chapters in cooperative research projects related to Society Purposes.
·         Invite persons doing relevant research to discuss findings are chapter meetings.
·         Assess needs within communities represented by members; suggest systematic studies of local problems.
·         Publicize pertinent research in area of program theme, current educational trends and issues.

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