Monday, February 18, 2013

Emergency Fund - BAG for SER Conference in Orlando

           B.A.G.-“Bring a Gift” for the Emergency Fund
The DKG International Emergency Fund Helps ease the loss and hurt of our members in times of a natural disaster.

We want to keep that fund filled and ready!

You can help by “Bringing a Gift” to Orlando. Contributions for the Emergency Fund will be collected at the Celebration Luncheon at the Southeast Regional Conference.  Not all members are able to attend this conference but would like to participate and this way every member can play a part in this effort.

Here is the Challenge for the SE Region States:

·        Chapter presidents will bring a gift bag to the next meeting and pass it around so members can contribute any change or paper money from their purses.

·        Chapters will then send the funds collected to their state treasurer.  The state treasurer, in turn, will write a check for the total amount collected from your state organization for the Emergency Fund.

·        Each Southeast State Organization Treasurer or her delegate will bring their check to Orlando to present for the International Emergency Fund at the Celebration Luncheon.

·        Collecting money prior to the regional conference has been approved by the International Administrative Board. 

·        Questions? Contact Donnis Poe at

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