Monday, December 17, 2012

2014 International Convention - CHANGE

Prepare for Change
The 2014 International Convention in Indianapolis will be different. The Constitution and International Standing Rules are subject to amendments by the members in attendance, but there are other changes that you need to know prior to making your travel arrangements. The beginning and ending day, the length of time you are there and the days on which certain activities will occur will be different.

The dates of the convention are July 28-August 1, 2014. That’s five days. The decision was made several biennia ago to schedule the 2014 convention differently than in the past. This decision was made partially due to the scheduling with the hotel, but primarily in order to save our members $40 a night for accommodations. So, there will be changes. And, change can often be painful. Help us by sharing these changes with your members. For example, the International Executive Board meeting will begin on Monday, July 28, with Opening Night that same evening. Traditionally, Tuesday or Wednesday has been opening night. Not so, for Indianapolis. The Executive Board Lunch will be on Friday with the closing banquet that evening, August 1. Members can leave on Saturday, August 2, rather than the traditional departure on Sunday.

More will be shared later. But begin now to alert your members to the changes such as the length, and opening and closing days for the 2014 International Convention.

(President to President Newsletter. December 2012 Issue)

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