Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012-2014 Ad Hoc DKG Election Process Committee

DKG Society International is currently in the process of researching electronic voting for our members. Thank you ladies for agreeing to serve in this capacity. Your time, efforts and talents are greatly appreciated.
  • Dr. Carolyn Rants, Past International President, (NW ) Chair
  • Alice Carrier, Chair of the 2010-2012 Ad Hoc Committee to Study Electronic Elections, (NE)
  • Aurora Vignau De Zambrano (SW & Latin America)
  • Carolyn Pittman, International First Vice President, (SE)
  • Dr. Sigrun Klara Hannesdottir, member, Editorial Board, (Europe)
  • Dr. Helen Popovich, Chair, 2012-2014 Constitution Committee, Ex Officio
  • Dr. Beverly Helms, International President, Ex Officio
  • Jean Gray, International Parliamentarian, Ex Officio, without vote
  • Nita Scott, Headquarters Liaison, Ex Officio, without vote

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